Driver/ Operator Evals

Fort Meade Garrison Headquarters driver. Safely transported the Garrison Commander and other military and civilian dignitaries, to over 40 high visibility events. Ensured flags were ironed, delivered and set up properly and on time for 15 events involving high-ranking military officials and influential local leaders. Supported day-to-day Garrison HQ operations and assisted staff with routine and unscheduled taskings. Committed 20 off-duty hours to prepare for the highly successful Fort Meade Garrison Massing of the Colors Celebration.

As Flag Driver to CNRMW, he took part in over 50 events in the local area to include downtown Chicago and Milwaukee. He also completed over 30 round trips to O'Hare International Airport. All travel was punctual with zero incidents.

Convoy operations driver. Demonstrated exemplary professionalism and high regard for safety while driving 1065 miles and 22 hours in a 48 hour period. Assisted in escorting over $300,500 in sensitive equipment weighing over 2 tons.

Showed exceptional merit and placed himself at great personal risk as a Master Driver and Convoy Instructor for NTMA/CMD Surg. He succesfully completed over 40 missions as Convoy Commander and trained 2 Officers and 3 Senior NCOs during 25 missions outside the green Zone in RC-Central.

Designated driver, IT2 Weiner, distinguished himself by saving the lives of two of his shipmates. Due to his intervention and in keeping with the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment, he prevented his shipmates from drinking and driving and took it upon himself to ensure their safe passage back to their domiciles. His devotion to duty and to safeguarding his shipmates is exactly the type of behavior that should be encouraged across the fleet. He is a shining example of Leadership for his peers and should be commended for stepping up and taking charge.

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