Duty Section Leader Evals

- COMMAND PILLAR. As Duty Section Leader, was responsible for the mustering of # Sailors and ensured that the section's scheduled watch bill and monitoring manning requirements were up-to-date, contributing to watchstander qualifications.

- COMMAND ADVOCATE. As Senior Duty Section Leader, ensured all aspects and conflicts were mitigated within # Duty Sections with a total of # junior Sailors ensuring continuous mission success.

- COMMAND INVOLVED. As Duty Section Leader, managed # Sailors ensuring zero security incidents.

- COMMAND FOCUSED. As Duty Section leader, organized and assigned watches for over # Sailors based on qualifications, ensuring the command staffing and mission objectives were met.

- COMMAND FOCUSED. As a Duty Section Leader, managed a watch section of # Sailors to ensure the command was in compliance with Navy watch requirements.

As the Senior Duty Section Leader, led X Sailors encompassing X duty sections and X command watch stations.

- SUPERIOR COORDINATOR. Spearheaded a watchbill for X Sailors ensuring on-time maintenance for X duty vehicles and watch stations.

As Duty Section Leader, she trained and mentored X junior Sailors and X First Class Petty Officers. Her mission first attitude directly resulted in the qualification of X ASDO, Gate Guard, Rover, and Duty Drivers, ensuring squadron security.

Facilitated watchstander training for X personnel across four watch stations resulting in X Assistant Duty Officers, X Duty Drivers, X Security Rovers, and X Gate Guards.

- INNOVATIVE TRAILBLAZER. As senior section leader, completely revised the command's watch instruction, reducing watchstander burden, streamlining the qualification process, and incorporating drills to maintain proficiency and vigilance.

- EXTRAORDINARY PROGRAM MANAGER. Revamped the command's watch standing instruction, streamlining all watch standing qualifications and incorporating drills to improve emergency response time. His efforts led to the qualification of XX personnel in all watch standing duties, increasing duty section readiness and physical security.

As Duty Section Leader, managed X personnel, qualified X fire watches, X security rovers, X duty drivers, X gate guards, and X assistant duty officers, ensuring all X watches were stood in a professional manner without mishap.

- COMMAND PILLAR. As duty section leader, he led 11 first classes and 50 junior Sailors in the proper watchstanding and qualifications for assigned duties, ensuring maximum security of the command.

As Duty Section Leader, he led 35 personnel in six watch stations responsible for the security of the command headquarters and all assigned personnel on Camp Shields. His efforts ensured the deployment routine was efficiently executed and that regulations were strictly enforced. His exceptional professionalism as the Resident Advisor for 39 personnel ensured proper enforcement of all barracks regulations, placement of 15 new personnel, and the correction of several barracks deficiencies.

As the Duty Section Leader, Petty Officer Night managed 11 personnel and ensured all watches were stood in a professional manner and standing orders were adhered to. She mustered her section as necessary prior to assigned watches or ship tours and ensured proper and complete turnovers with on-coming and off-going duty sections.

As Operations Department LPO, he led 22 Sailors in the daily operation of their duties. His experience and intrusive leadership ensured that all requirements were met ahead of schedule and ready to deploy at a moment's notice. As Duty Section Leader, he trained and mentored 48 Ship's company personnel. His efforts led to over 100 Watch Station qualifications ship-wide which increased the command's operational readiness by 50%.

His professional knowledge coupled with his meticulous attention to detail contributed to the 100% accountability of 360 personnel from 11 different commands. Demonstrating outstanding leadership skills as a duty section leader, he qualified more than 30 Sailors as Petty Officer of the Watch.

As duty section leader, IC2 Cusco created four versions of the Phase II Liberty Advancement exam and organized study groups and training during duty section mentorship.

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