Shift Supervisor Evals

- PROVEN SUPERVISOR. During his time as Supervisor, 13 junior Sailors under his direction completed 54 qualifications, resulting in one Collateral Duty Inspector, one Plane Captain, seven Final Checkers, and 42 Support Equipment qualifications.

As shift supervisor, she prioritized work and assigned tasks to subordinates. She ensured an accurate and up to date log was kept and that pass-ons were informative and productive. Coordinated with the workcenter supervisor to schedule personnel for training, school and leave and ensured sufficient personnel were present for duty. She enforced OI requirements for changeover and handed over a complete, clean, and operational watch deck.

MATURE AND EXPERIENCED. Maintained order on night shift and enforced maintenance policies. Followed up on work assignments and took appropriate disciplinary action for non-performance. He improved productivity by 50% and inspired a sense of camaraderie and improved morale.
SAFETY COMPLIANT. Closely monitored all operations and stopped risk-adverse efforts until mitigation study was complete. Complied with all safety regulations. Proactively checked and tested all safety equipment.

As the shift supervisor for CA01, accepted responsibility for unit operation and mission during mid-shift. He expertly guided 5 personnel in the completion of 140 preventive and corrective maintenance actions, ensuring that the system is continuously ready for combat operations.

As shift supervisor, made on-the-spot maintenance decisions, in the absence of leadership, based on priority and precedence. Restored East side communication links during over night outage in less than 20 minutes. Notified Job Control and Maintenance Chief within 15 minutes.

As shift supervisor, ET2 expertly coordinated the testing, maintenance and operation of all flight line communications and Air Terminal AFN services, resulting in 100% mission readiness.

As shift supervisor and lead maintenance technician for the Recompression Chamber Support Team, EODMU 11, deployed to Fujairah, UAE. Petty Officer Smith managed over 450 line items and more than 1,000 man hours of planned system maintenance.

Shift supervisor of Maintenance Division. Lead more than 20 sailors in 76 base beautification and maintenance projects.

Petty Officer Casey directly supervised personnel in the repair and maintenance of 9 small craft, contributing to MDSU1's high level of mission readiness. He also supervised participation in 3 field exercises vital to preparing expeditionary diving companies for mission readiness.

Devoted over 200 hours organizing and planning strategies for watch bills and work schedules for a 15 member duty section. Scheduled over 2,000 PM checks with a 95% shop readiness rate and 100% accountability of 3-M. Petty Officer Sailor brought the number of out of periodicity PMS checks down from a backlog of over 200 checks upon his arrival to under 20 upon his departure.

While deployed to Haiti in support during Operation Unified Response, he coordinated a 30 man EST watch section onboard the USNS COMFORT providing 360 degree security for over 2,000 civilian and military personnel, led 2 Rapid Assessment Teams into country escorting 5 VIPs and 10 high ranking officer with zero mishaps.

3M shift supervisor for WG11 and WG12. Petty Officer Shotley superbly managed and implemented three 3M Force Revisions which encompassed 433 planned maintenance requirements, the completion of 52 spot checks and the performance of over 1,100 preventive maintenance actions for 88 small arms and 24 crew served weapons worth $350,000, ensuring weapons were continuously maintained in a state of readiness to support real world OPS in CJTF-HOA.

As shift supervisor of the largest work center in the Detachment, with approximately 30 members, he reestablished military bearing and conduct, and emphasized attention to detail on uniforms and accountability. Further, he implemented a Physical Training program to ensure members were ready for the PRT and increased pass rate by 40%.

He assisted in the SCW's training and engaged with all Sailors, teaching SCW's classes with hands on training on range cards, and training in the field with land navigation and patrols. He also oversaw day to day operations and assigned all personnel collateral duties that ensured the Det's ability to achieve the readiness needed. His involvement increased the mobilization readiness of the workcenter to over 95%.

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