Engineering SCPO FITREP Example

Primary duty position: Engineering Aid

Superior leadership ability and command involvement earned him my top ranking. Number 1 of 7 outstanding Senior Chiefs.
- A natural leader. Hand picked over 16 other command E-7 and above personnel to fill short-fused OIC billet in Pearl Harbor Naval Station, Hawaii.
- Trained 23 senior maintenance personnel, across 6 Marine commands, on NATEC's Integrated Learning Environment (ILE), improving opportunity for advancement base-wide.
- Outstanding Instructor. The only qualified active duty corrosion control instructor Navy wide. Provided 4 local and 2 forward-deployed Corrosion Control and A/C Paint and Final Finish courses resulting in qualification of 95 Sailors and Marines.
- Leader within command. Developed ELAR technical representative utilization report to aid Navy and Marine aviation customers in guaging tech rep utilization. Efforts resulted in policy changes that produced increase of tech rep use by 30 percent over last year.
- Active member of area CPOA. 1 of 10 area SCPOs and MCPOs voting members on transition committee. Responsible for ensuring 13 newly selected CPOs were properly indoctrinated.
- Completed ATL-101 and Management Principles from University of Phoenix and Essentials for Leadership and Aviation Fundamentals Course from Navy E-learning.
Proven leader and team builder. Select now for only the most challenging duties as a MMCPO.

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