Divisional LCPO FITREP Example

Evaluation submitted due to member's transfer to Pre-commissioning Unit AMERICA (LHA 6).

Exceptional Leader committed to the welfare of his Sailors and the mission.
- Divisional LCPO. Flawlessly led 14 Sailors through Combat Systems Ship Qualifications Trials (CSSQT) and Ship's Inspection and Survey(INSURV), resulting in overall score of green for combat communications. Direct involvement with the migration of ship's network to barge during PSA with one only day of downtime, greatly increasing mission readiness - another SPRUANCE first.
- Superb Manager. Managed the completion and passing of eight new C5I inspections for INSURV with minimal notice, which resulted in increased mission readiness Navy-wide.
- Alt-EKMS Manager. Ensured overall mission readiness and capabilities by accounting for and issuing 250 pieces of cryptographic material on board.
- Duty Section Leader. Led and trained 45 Sailors in overall ship's survivability, coordinating 80 DC / ATFP drills, greatly increasing ship's level of readiness.
- Command Sponsorship Coordinator. Assisted in easing the transition to the ship from the school house or other commands by assigning command sponsors to 15 Sailors.
- Active CPO Mess member. Participated in numerous CPO functions, ranking boards, awards boards and SSOQ boards. Led and coordinated eight training sessions for CPO 365 training.
Senior Chief Huerta has proven himself as a solid leader and is recommended for promotion.

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