Instructor ChiefEval Example

A proven mentor and dynamic leader personally committed to the professional development and training of all Sailors.
- Deckplate Leader. Her leadership resulted in one IOY, two IOQ, two SOQ; an overall retention rate of 85% and a 95% PFA pass rate. Additionally, she delivered 221 hours of instruction producing 81 qualified operators.
- Stellar manager. Brilliantly led five personnel in the management and accountability of 182 Government Acceptance Testing reviews for three courses of instruction; identified and corrected 12 discrepancies. Efforts improved accuracy of course materials and functionality of all virtual modules for an annual throughput of 720 students across three CIWT sites.
- Fleet Driven. One of 36 Chart the Course (CTC) Master Mobile Training Team (MMTT) trainers; facilitated 123 hours of training in 20 locations along the east coast qualifying 762 facilitators from 161 commands in support of the entire Navy's mission readiness.
- Heritage Leader. Helped drive CPO 365 Phase I and II, providing 23 hours of training to 20 future Chiefs and provided 30 hours for CPO Heritage Days cultivating 750 Chief Selects. Devoted 56 off-duty hours creating the Military Women of Tidewater's logo. The insignia exemplifies military women of Tidewater while bridging women of all generations.
A motivating force in the Chief's Mess and her continuous efforts are critical to mission success. She has my strongest recommendation for promotion to ITCS!

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