Systems Control Officer FITREP Example

Primary duty position: Systems Control Officer, DISA Europe, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany

Outstanding and welcome addition to my CPO mess. In just 6 months he has made a huge impact on the CPO Mess throughout DISA-EUR. Not ranked higher solely due to short time onboard.
- Superior leader! United a team of joint service NCOs and civilians to man a 24-hour command center providing up-to-the-second, real-time management of all critical data communications traversing EUCOM. Analyzed impact of circuit outages and directed restorals based on priority and close coordination with DISA Commander.
- Excellent Mentor. An active, dedicated CMEO, led by example and encouraged equal treatment of and opportunity for all Navy members. Climate assessment results demonstrated improved morale and increased understanding of and support for Navy policies.
- Coordinated, participated in traditional frocking of newly inducted Chiefs. Participation demonstrated care, concern for subordinates and helped ensure Navy traditions, pride endure.
- Organized the 2006 Sixth Fleet Navy Ball, a hallmark event for over 1500 sailors and families; reinforced pride in service and committment by families to Navy way of life.
- Motivated Self-Improvement. Completed 12 credit hours toward bachelors degree and the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Joint Professional Military Education course.
- Chief Smith is a superior leader and professional, sets high standards for his peers, subordinates, ready for promotion and greater responsibility. Strongly recommended for selection to Senior Chief!

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