Senior Enlisted Leader FITREP Example

SCPO Anchor was ranked 1 of 7 for Expeditionary Maintenance (EM) and 4 of 23 for Submarine Force Reserve Component (SFRC). His leadership and ability to influence, guide and mentor Sailors is the cornerstone for the continued success of EM DET D, SFRC and NOSC Denver.
-VISIBLE LEADER: Led EM DET D to 13 advancements, two BJOQ, one JSOQ, one SOY and seven personnel awards. The Unit supported 1416 hours to USS Frank Cable and 672 hours Submarine support. He additionally established a Unit ESWS program and led a RIMA safety stand down.
-SAILORIZATION: He chaired 16 career development boards and his mentorship of 12 PO1s is evident in the Selection of two Unit CPO selects. Contributed during eight CPO 365 Phase I evolutions resulting in 16 CPO selections for NOSC Denver. Hand-picked to be a Sponsor for phase II, involved in 21 training evolutions, two COMRELs and lead for final week events.
-COMPETENCY PRESENCE: Selected for the SFRC PO1 ranking board he reviewed 47 evals, he was the board President for 18 EM DET's guiding four SCPOs ranking 11 CPOs. He also reviewed an additional 20 CPO evals for SFRC enabling CPOs to break out amongst their peers. As Goat Lead he spent 30 hours planning an AT event onboard USS Frank Cable and issued BCNs to qualified EM Sailors. Led six Sailors, ensured they qualified in assigned shops and other ships PQS, tracked daily man-hours, wrote six PIMS and sent weekly reports to the EM COC.
-MESS LEADER: CPOA treasurer, he managed an account of 7,188 dollars for 129 Genuines. SCPO Anchor is an effective leader, mentor, SME and is strongly recommended for MCPO.

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