Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO) FITREP Example

SCPO Rowe is ranked X of X for Expeditionary Maintenance (EM) and X of X for Submarine Force Reserve Component (SFRC). His performance has been of the highest caliber. He is an invaluable leader, counselor, and source of knowledge in all RIMA technical areas.
-DYNAMIC LEADER: As SEL, he chaired 15 CDBs, helping his Unit earn a BJOQ, JSOQ, SOQ, BJOY and five advancements. The Unit provided 2,088 hours of support to SFRC. On AT, DCCS Rowe supervised 11 Sailors, contributing 300 hours of submarine related repair work and training for USS EMORY S LAND. The group also completed a total of 10 JQRs in six workshops. DCCS provided six hours of ESWS training for seven members which increased their knowledge of the Navy and ships systems, resulting in 100% completion of their ESWS Common Core PQS.
-SME: Hand-picked to be SEL of all nine RIMAs due to his expertise and leadership. The RIMAs produced 600 bunk curtains and eight bunk pans for the Fleet. Chosen for the EM CPO ranking board, he reviewed 18 evaluations, increasing EM CPOs advancement opportunities.
-SAILOR ORIENTED: As Training Chair for 365 Phase II, he developed CPO heritage and core training topics for eight CPO selects, totaling 32 hours of valuable training. DCCS led one CPO leadership class and attended six Phase I training evolutions. He volunteered to sit the NOSC Denver SOQ/SOY boards resulting in one PO1 being selected for the regional SOY. He completed 25 e-learning courses including the PPME required for the Senior Enlisted Academy. He has my strongest recommendation for advancement to Master Chief!!!

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