Chief of the Boat (SCPO) FITREP

Primary duty position: Chief of the Boat, USS New York

- As Chief of the Boat, he has been a superior leader whose innate ability to motivate, inspire and train personnel significantly improved productivity and command performance.
- As the Commanding Officer's principal advisor, he provided expert counsel on personnel issues, crew morale, and operational scheduling.
- Extremely efficient, his superb planning and organizational skills led to the ship's successful completion of its first maintainance availability with the Naval Intermediate Maintainance Facility at Pearl Harbor. He raised the cleanliness standards throughout the ship during the arduous upkeep and kept all scheduled upgrades on schedule.
- Best Diving Officer of the Watch, he maintained precise depth control during a successful test of a MK48 ADCAP warshot torpedo, the first test in the Pacific Fleet in over five years.
- Treats all personnel fairly and honestly. He leads crew training in Equal Opportunity issues.
- Outstanding role model, his embodiment of Navy Core Values guarantees success. Promoted naval tradition and pride as Master of Ceremonies for two moving retirement ceremonies.
- His stellar appearance and positive influence make him an outstanding role model and his embodiment of Navy Core Values guarantees success.
- Senior Chief Mulligan is an astute Sailor. He has met all challenges at all levels and is ready to excel in any billet assigned. A clear choice for Master Chief, must promote NOW!

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