Flight Deck Coordinator FITREP Example

My #3 of 8 exceptional Chief Petty Officers! Superb leader and astute organizer. His drive and motivation inspired subordinates and improved combat readiness resulting in the command winning the 1999 Battle Efficiency award. Ready now for advancement to SCPO.

*(36/37) Insightful Manager. His inspirational leadership led to a 30% increase in Collateral Duty Inspectors and Engine Turn Operator qualifications in addition to 25% of the division qualifying as Enlisted Air Warfare Specialists. His superior mentorship was a key factor in his division's 45% advancement and 75% retention rate contributing to the command's selection for the 1999 COMNAVAIRPAC Retention Excellence Award.
- Tremendous dedication. Tiger Team LCPO assigned to prepare aircraft for the CAEWWINGPAC Material Condition Inspection. His motivational skills were the driving force behind the excellent condition and readiness of the aircraft resulting in zero discrepancies on all evaluated programs and the highest grade ever granted.
- Outstanding Night Shift Flight Deck Coordinator. Flawlessly directed over 90 night launches and recoveries and daily maintenance requirements achieving a 98% sortie completion rate during Exercise COBRA GOLD.
- Superior initiative and can do attitude, he efficiently managed the Command Urinalysis Program and volunteered to become Command Financial Specialist providing valuable financial counseling to junior personnel in the command.

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