Command Career Counselor FITREP Example

Outstanding Chief Petty Officer! His phenomenal performance as Command Career Counselor and Retention Team leader instrumental in the command's selection for the CINCPACFLT 1999 Retention Excellence Award and earning two consecutive places on the COMNAVAIRPAC Quarterly Retention Honor Roll.
- Brilliant Leader and Motivator. His enthusiasm, energy and committment to the professional development of command personnel have been exemplary. His extensive knowledge of Navy programs has proven invaluable in over 140 Professional Development Boards. Managing the advancement process, he flawlessly administered the Navy-wide exam to 77 personnel that resulted in a 41 percent command advancement rate.
- Dedicated Professional. Responsible for the career program management of 145 enlisted personnel. Selflessly devoted numerous off-duty hours to secure orders for 38 enlisted members. His continual interaction with the Navy Personnel Command has directly contributed to the squadron's superb retention rate of 69 percent!
- Superb Organizer. As 1st Lieutenant LCPO, he directed the rehabilitation of spaces aboard USS KITTY HAWK and ashore at NAF Atsugi significantly improving quality of life.
- Involved. Focused the efforts of his division through exceptional liaison with Maintenance Control in-order to effectively troubleshoot discrepancies and reduce A/C turnaround time.

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