Gastroenterology Clinic Evals

HN Smith has stepped into the Gastroenterology Clinic and quickly became an integral part of the team.
-Performed 40 hemocue procedures, 30 venipunctures, 20 nebulizer treatments, 18 RSV cultures, and 3 I.V. Placements.
-Provided patient care to 300 beneficiaries while PQSing in the Gastroenterology Clinic.
-Provided patient care support for 10 providers responsible for over 1.2K beneficiaries.
-Relay Health Petty Officer signed up 60 patients, attached 5 education materials for patients, responded to 20 beneficiary messages, and created 15 telephone consults. Actions created a direct increase in patients' access to care.
Proven team player contributed significantly to the overall productivity of the Gastroenterology Clinic.

As Endoscopy Suite LPO, he effectively led and supervised five junior Sailors in the safe and efficient operation of the endoscopy, GI suite and was liaison between Nursing and Surgical Services in the preparation and full activation of five equipment sets valued at over $130,000 and managed over $10,000 worth of medical consumables. He voluntarily completed on-the-job training in Naval Medical Center San Diego and single-handedly researched and acquired all needed equipment and supplies for the suite that facilitated a successful Pacific Partnership mission that catered to over 20 Gastroenterology patients.

Petty Officer Meyers served in the Gastroenterology clinic where he optimized the clinic's efficiency by standardizing the patient result notification process which saved the clinic 300 provider man-hours worth a total of $75K. Afterwards, he was moved to the Infectious Disease clinic and assigned as interim NCOIC for 90 days. In this capacity, he led seven staff members and directed care, valued at $XXXXXXX, for over 2K beneficiaries. In addition, he augmented the training section as an instructor for Emergency Medical Technician refresher, assisting with an active shooter exercise, qualifying 30 medical technicians, ensuring a 100% pass rate.

For professional achievement in the superior performance of his duties while assigned to National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland from 14 June 2011 to August 2013. Hospitalman Sailor performed as a Gastroenterology Technichian in the Gastrology Clinic and Endoscopy suite. He provided medical support for 17 providers who provided care for more than 13,000 patients. He Maintained clinic readiness, schedules, appointments, performs patient admission and dicharges, assisted with colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures, as well as maintaining the sterility of more than $400,000 worth of equipment. In addition to his clinical duties he also helped with the safe transportation of our nation's wounded warriors and ensured the safe arrival of more than 100 soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. Hospitalman Sailor's professionalism and devotion to service reflect great credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

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