Helmsman Evals

AT SEA NAVIGATOR. As the only qualified Master Helmsman, Petty Officer was a key watch stander on the Chancellorsville's bridge team. He trained 25 Helm, 15 Lee Helms, 5 Master Helmsmen and 10 junior officers and was instrumental in the ship's navigation certification and mariner's skills week's high score of 95.5. As Chancellorsville's lead MK 160 technician, he led the installation of the fleet's newest MK 160 modification and edited and steamlined 5 testing procedures, contributing to a fleet-wide improvement in the MK 160 testing process.
TEAM PLAYER. Oversaw the cleaning and proper stowage of magazine spaces during explosive safety inspection, which received above average score of 91, the highest score on the Yokosuka waterfront.

One of only three coxswains qualified onboard William P. Lawrence. Involved in five safe evolutions driving the RHIB for VBSS and maintenance checks. Trained his peers on basic watch standing fundamentals, resulting in six new qualified Lookouts and Helmsmen. Completed 12 underway replenishments as Rigger. During those UNREPS he trained two Sailors resulting in two newly qualified Riggers.

As Tool Issue Coordinator for OD, he issued over 160 tools resulting in the completion of 500 hours of ship's preservation.

As the senior helmsman, he trained and assisted the qualification of junior plainsmen and Chief of the watches. His dedication to excel saw him qualify as Chief of the Watch as a third class, a watch normally qualified by a more senior Petty Officer. While serving as Lead helmsman, he manned 450 hours of watch during a variety of vigorous evolutions to include BALTOPS, TITANIUM CITADEL, and VIKING COACH.

Deck Supervisor onboard USS PAUL IGNATIUS. Supervised 16 seamen in the initial preparation of two 7M Rigid Inflatable Boats and associated equipment, heavy weather lifelines, and anchoring equipment in preparation for MOB-S, achieving superior results. Held six training sessions on the ship's control console resulting in the attainment of 16 qualified helmsmen. Supervised five seamen in the preparation and rigging of personnel transfer chair and associated equipment in preparation for MOB-S, ensuring readiness.

A vital asset to the ship through two western pacific deployments, two voyage repair periods, two overseas continuous maintenance availabilities, two ORSEs, two tactical readiness examinations, and two maintenance and modernization periods. Her superior knowledge of ship handling made her a vital asset to the ship's control team during various crew certifications as battle stations and maneuvering helmsman. Her contributions and achievements while assigned to the Michigan have been extraordinary.

MASTER HELMSMAN. As the only Master Helmsman, qualified for NSST underway watches for USS Tripoli. His meticulous preparation aided in the readiness of all deck equipment, to include small boat, lifesaving equipment and replenishment equipment for MOB-S M1, scoring an overall 96%.

PROFESSIONAL SAILOR. Led and trained six Tripoli sailors onboard USS America in deck underway watch qualifications, leading to 100% qualification before commissioning. He also verified 13,370 pieces of equipment, with the successful upload of 27,200 line items to SKED for both first and second divisions as well as leading inventory of 80 departmental triwalls which lead to finding and correcting 23 discrepancies where the wrong materials were ordered, which ensured that once commissioned, deck department will run efficiently.

COMMUNITY LEADER. As a founding member of the SCPOA, he played a vital role in drafting the bylaws for both the SCPOA and the JEA. He also contributed to the Navy's birthday cake cutting ceremony which boosted the command's morale. He was hand selected to be the lead moderator for 3 of the CRT focus groups in order to identify and resolve major issues affecting the command.

Seaman Holcomb distinguished himself as a combat assault craft helmsman from 13 October 1969 to 22 November 1970. On numerous occasions while engaged in hostile fire, SN Holcomb remained calm in the face of NVN forces, ensuring the welfare of his crew aboard PBR-122 and together with River Division 535's elite Brown Water forces, successfully patrolled the waters of the Bussac River near the borders of Cambodia, stretching to the boundaries of Can Tho. Seaman Holcomb's consistent actions relected credit on himself and the United States Naval Forces of South Vietnam.

River Assault Craft Helmsman of River Patrol Boat 122. Distinguished himself repeatedly in the face of enemy fire while on patrol on the Bussac River, Republic of South Vietnam, extending to within the geographical boundaries of the Cambodian border and Can Tho. Seaman Johnson, on numerous occasions, together with the crew members of PBR-122, did engage in combat with hostile North Vietnamese forces, and his exceptional performance in the face of the enemy proved meritorious and was in keeping with the finest traditions of the United States Naval Forces throughout the Mekong Delta.

Survey Operations/Seaman & Helmsman. Went above and beyond the call of duty when a helicopter crashed on the ship that he was serving on, and killed three of his shipmates on November 6, 1968. Worked diligently to secure the helicopter to the ship, working with a dangerous winch crew to get it above water. Worked on the thick cable of the winch which snapped, flying across the deck and almost cutting him in half during the salvage process. Volunteered to dive overboard to try to save them, because the divers took too much time in getting their tanks on (but his higher ups in command stopped him from doing this). So helped with pulling his deceased brothers out of the water and helped carry them down to the supply department (cold storage) where they were kept until burial at sea.

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