Line Corpsman Evals

As part of the Health Services Augmentation Program (HSAP), HM1 was augmented to 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. Selected as the Senior Line Corpsman for Alpha Company while forward deployed with Battalion Landing Team 1/5, he was responsible for the health and deployment readiness of 240 Marines, Sailors, and Foreign National personnel.
FEARLESS DEDICATION. He conducted 25 security patrols and raids, seizing six high value targets, drugs, weapons, and ammunition totaling a value of 100,000 dollars.
TACTICAL EXPERIENCE. He instructed 20 classes in combat trauma and First Aid to Marines and the Afghanistan National Army. He was also instrumental in instructing the Fleet Marine Force Warfare Qualification Specialist classes, while conducting six FMF Review Boards that resulted in 21 Sailors receiving their EFMFWS qualification.
MEDICAL MANAGER. During Operation Kanjari, HM1 established two forward operating Aid stations at Combat Operation Post Apache and Patrol Base Outlaw. While setting up the Aid stations, he treated numerous patients ranging from routine sick call to fragmentation wounds.

Assigned as assistant senior Line Corpsman, Company G, 2D Battalion 3D Marines, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 10.2, and Embedded Training Team Operation Enduring Freedom 12.1. Petty Officer Sizemore personally oversaw the medical training of over 500 Afghan Police and six Afghan medics with no mishaps. Upon returning to the Regiment, he took charge of the training department as the senior Corpsman, revising and writing new courses to instruct all battalions in the Regiment.

Senior Line Corpsman Petty Officer Crockett was able to identify, treat, and return early dehydrated victims back to duty during field exercises in one hundred plus temperatures.
FORCE MULTIPLIER: By teaching the Marines of 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines India Company early detection of dehydration, he lowered heat-related injuries by 50% over previous years.

As Line Corpsman, he served Weapons platoon, Company "E" with his precise and proficient skills as the Company's medical readiness representative. He entered over 700 actions into the medical readiness reporting system and maintained proper documentation of immunizations, Physical Health Assessments, and HIV blood draws. Due to his initiative and attention to detail, medical readiness increased from 75% to 95.5% keeping the Company medically ready to attend Jungle Warfare training and three multinational peace keeping operations with nine other countries. As the only member of the Company to graduate from the tactical rope suspensions technique course, he dominated and outperformed his peers and higher ranks.

As Senior Line Corpsman for Company "E" he led six Corpsmen through positive direction, sound advice, and firm guidance during the Battalion's first Unit deployment program. Due to his initiative, HM2 Nelson ensured that 170 Marines and Sailors of Company "E" were medically ready for training prior to three Multinational peace keeping exercises with nine other countries. By reviewing, scheduling, and administering over 500 immunizations, 130 HIV blood draws, 130 Physical Health Assessments, 110 sick call patients, and 38 dental appointments, the company saw an increase in medical readiness from 77% to 95.5%.

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