Maintenance Person (3M) Evals

Lead maintenance person during the 2017 USS Ronald Reagan deployment cycle. Completed over 240 preventative and corrective maintenance actions on 46 configuration items in 12 shipboard spaces with a 98% average spot check score. His efforts directly resulted in QZ division receiving an overall score of 94 during the 2017 maintenance, material, management inspection.

Led in the planning and completion of over 2,400 preventative maintenance checks on board USS SIOUX CITY and USS INDIANAPOLIS across 14 PMAVs, yielding a completion rate of 95%. This ensured maximum standards of mission readiness and deployment capability. He also devoted over 40 hours to training 74 Sailors. His technical knowledge and positive mentorship directly contributed to the qualifications of 13 Damage Control Petty Officers and nine 3M Maintenance Persons. This increased productivity and efficiency which ensured PMAVs were completed ahead of schedule.

CM3 Rice Crispies served as a maintenance person for the Logistics Task Force for over 7 months. During this period, CM3 performed over 200 preventative and corrective maintenance items totaling over 1300 man-hours as well as conducting a total of eight out station missions repairing mission critical vehicles. In addition, she succeeded in obtaining her Expeditionary Warfare Specialist Pin.

Served as maintenance person onboard USS Stockdale. Completed 1000 hours of maintenance on ship's laundry services, reverse osmosis distilling plants, AC units and steering gear. Was vital in the troubleshooting and repair of Scullery dishwasher, one AC pump, and chill water system during 2021-2022 deployment.

As OE04 Maintenance Person, completed 60 corrective maintenance actions on the Fresnel lens optical landing system and the position approach path indicator ensuring 100% safe glide slope and approach for 14,000 landings and sorties. As an Honor Guard member, participated in 50 events throughout the Inland empire.

CG03 Maintenance person onboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE (DDG 51). During the COVID-19 pandemic, GM3 demonstrated leadership while all Weapons Department Leadership was off ship. He ensured two MK-38s were removed from the ship for a scheduled overhaul, and trained two junior Sailors in day to day operations. Additionally, GM3 successfully led an inexperienced duty section in an ammo movement ensuring scheduled CMAV work did not stop.

EM2 served as maintenance person for EE division, correcting over 200 electrical trouble calls. He succesfully completed an arduous Laboon's maiden BMD deployment. EM2 was instumental in the traing of 3 sailors which led to 100% advancment two exam cycles in a row.

TEAM PLAYER- As qualified 3M maintenance person, completed over 200 hours of maintenance onboard ensuring maritime readiness for mission capabilities. Also assisted in helping perform the lay up for 1,225 life preservers on time with no discrepancies.
DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL- Hand-picked to be one of four Respiratory Protection Program members onboard USS Green Bay during SRA2020, ensuring the proper care and use of over 200 respirators.
SUPERIOR WORK ETHIC- Stood over 2,000 hours of watch, participated in over 20 small boat ops, 20 LCU ops, 12 RAS, six stern gate marriages and 20 Sea and Anchors. He shows up on time ready to get the job done with little to no need for oversight.

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