Medical Eval Examples


- MISSION ORIENTED. Team Lead oversaw and assisted 13 medical providers, 11 corpsman, nine medical assistants, five IDCs, five LVNs, and three RNs in the delivery of exceptional, high quality patient care to 6.5K beneficiaries across 109 tenant commands. Efforts resulted in 1.9K completed acute/routine appointments and 340 procedures with zero complications and expedited return to full duty for operational forces.
- LEADERSHIP. Flawlessly led 2 Sailors in the operation and implementation of the IDC Student Clinical Management Program ensuring the proper coordination of safety orientation and clinic mapping increasing accountability and organization for 12 IDC students.
- TEAM PLAYER. Supervised and facilitated in submitting over 130 work orders worth over $18.2K which ensured an appealing and safe work environment. Efforts resulted in the clinic being awarded the Joint Commission Certificate of Distinction for 100% BUMED-IG/JC compliance for three years.

Service Member has been selected for promotion to Petty Officer Third Class.
-HARD CHARGER. As a General Duty Corpsman on the 7MedTele Ward, he has assisted nurses in over 300 IV placements, 150 venipuncture procedures, performed over 100 hours of 1:1 line of sight care, stood 24 hours of Telemetry monitoring, conducted over 200 EKG's, performed 28 bladder scans, placed 2 indwelling Foley catheters, and assisted in 75 wound care procedures resulting in high quality patient care.
-INSPIRING TRAINER. Mentored 10 Service Members on advancement material resulting in an increase in advancement exam scores. As Assistant CDSO, trained over 85 joint staff on fire safety, resulting in 100% efficiency in emergency procedures. As a Cerner Smart Suite Uber User, instructed 100 patients and staff on the use of the Cerner Smart Suite apps in patient rooms resulting in a decrease of equipment use failure.
-COMMAND INVOLVEMENT. As a member of the ERT, participated in Mass Casualty mock codes and practiced decontamination procedures resulting in well trained and ready staff. Volunteered as safety coverage for Army Combative tournament resulting in a smooth tournament with zero injuries.
HM3 Heavlow's achievements and attention to detail demonstrates a readiness for duties of greater responsibility.

Highly motivated and competent, HN Sictor stands out above his peers.
-STRONG LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL. Oriented and instructed 4 junior sailors in medical and ward procedures resulting in fully trained and knowledgeable staff members.
-Vital member of the team. Assisted multiple medical officers in advanced medical procedures, resulting in quality customer care. Assisted nurses in over 100 intravenous placements, 150 venipuncture blood collection procedures, performed over 200 hours of 1:1 line of sight care, conducted over 150 EKG's, and placed 4 indwelling foley catheters.
-EFFECTIVE TEAM MEMBER. As a member of the Emergency Response Team, he is responsible for maintaining 4 mass casualty BLS bags, and transported 5 patients to HAZMAT area. Resulted in a smooth training exercise for the members involved and the command readiness.
-EFFECTIVE MANAGER. As Fire Safety Monitor, reviewed the fire safety procedures of the 7MT ward, trained over 30 personnel on fire safety, updated and reorganized fire safety portion of the safety SOP, and maintained all fire safety equipment for the 7MT ward. Resulted in 0 deficiencies on The Joint Commission inspection and number 1 overall for nursing.
HN Sictor is an intelligent, hardworking, and invaluable sailor. Highly recommended for promotion to Petty Officer Third Class.

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