Medical Readiness Coordinator Evals

Individual Medical Readiness Clinic Lead. Completed 156 Physical Health Assessments and Tuberculosis screenings, administered 30 TWINRIX and 30 TDAP vaccines, 120 HIV blood draws referrals, and performed medical administrative and clerical functions with zero discrepancies. Additionally, her remarkable attention to detail in conjunction with entering patient data in Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS) and TMIP ensured 100% documentation, contributing to increasing medical readiness from 85% to 98%, and ensuring optimal warfighter readiness.

Ensured multiple units met their annual training requirements, were 100% mission capable, and ready to deploy for real world contingency situations and military operations other than war. During pre-deployment work-ups for MWSS 372, he administered 1,470 deployment immunizations, increasing medical readiness from 78% to 99%, and maintained dental readiness at 100%. While deployed on SPMAGTF-CR-CC-19, he ensured deployment medical readiness maintained a 99% or above average throughout the entire deployment.

As Medical Readiness Coordinator, he planned, coordinated and conducted 23 shot calls resulting in raising the Battalion's medical readiness to 97% Fully Medically ready. His continued efforts in learning Sick Call procedures and exams has aided in the treatment of over 200 patients making the battalion medical staff more efficient.

As Medical Readiness Coordinator, made an immediate impact increasing Battalion Medical readiness by 15% from 70% to 85%! He procured, tracked, and submitted 88 pieces of correspondence and ensured 13 important SOPs were updated to current standards.

Lead Petty Officer for 3 trained Casualty Evacuation Personnel aboard USS Makin Island. As Medical Readiness Coordinator, maintained a medical Readiness averaging 95% from February 2017 to April 2018.

As Medical Readiness coordinator, he assisted in the health care and record maintenance for 366 Sailors and Marines and was instrumental in maintaing Command Element's 98% overall medical readiness.

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