Mental Health Technician Evals

HM2 Penndike was selected out of 23 psychiatric technicians by the NHCP, Mental Health Department Head, to represent Navy Medicine West, NHCP, and Mental Health Department as a member of an embedded Mental Health team to support 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. In the absence of a psychiatric technician, he distinguished himself as acting Assistant Leading Petty Officer for the 5th Regiment Aid Station, Operational Stress Control and Readiness (OSCAR) program. He managed a complex database, entering information for over 1088 personnel.

Mental health expert assigned to Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune. As Chief of Inpatient Psychiatry in 2013, served through the reconstruction of 4A inpatient services. LCDR Best was the sole provider in a 12-bed inpatient unit, standing watch for nine continuous weeks alone. As the DIVO of Deployment Wellness Clinic, Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, and SARP, delivered quality care to the highest risk patients with co-occurring illnesses and later volunteered at Wounded Warriors Bn, serving the wounded, ill, and injured. Her earnest dedication to patients with addictions led her to pursue and achieve the highest certification as Diplomat of the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

MEDICAL INITIATIVE: Coordinated and performed 24 Joint Stress and Mitigation shows, spanning over 60 hours, on Radio GTMO discussing 18 mental health topics and educating 6,000 base wide listeners.
CAPABLE CARE: Managed $52,750 worth of computer equipment and psychological administrative testing software and equipment that was essential to the overall JSMART mission to provide top quality operational stress management to all those entrusted to JSMART's care.
TIRELESS SERVICE: Provided therapeutic services to 155 JTF individuals who sought treatment with JSMART, totaling over 220 hours of patient care including face-to-face and administrative time.

Served as the JSMART ALPO. Supervised and trained six junior techs in the completion of morale contacts with 4450 troops and 312 patient encounters. Responsible for JSMART Radio. Managed 39 scripts and produced 80 hours of content for 6,000 community members. Provided education while reducing the stigma and fear of seeking mental health care.

Served on the Military Advisory Council (National) for OutServe-SLDN representing over 6,000 active duty LGBT service members on the National MAC council. HM2 represented Hawaii for the Annual OutServe National Leadership Summit in Orlando Florida. Served as guest Speaker for Mental Health of America Conference on LGBT Military issues/DADT issues.

As a psych tech, provided mental health support to 50 recruits while also assisting with medical treatment such as IV administrations, wound care, and other medical procedures for 230 recruits. Screened over 300 patients with no incidents, booked 400 appointments with follow-ups and consultations. Completed 500 patient screenings to set up diagnosed recruits with social workers. Facilitated over 100 transition groups which provided information on scholarships, employment, and healthcare after leaving the Navy.

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