Mentor Eval Statements

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-SUPERB MENTOR. SHE demonstrated well versed leadership, providing guidance to junior sailors In her avionics division climaxing with her shop producing five plane captains, three collateral duty inspectors, and five advancements to the next higher pay grade.

- MODEL MENTOR. Infectious positive attitude and hands-on guidance led to # advancement, # ESWS, # EAWS, # CDIs, # Hydraulic Contamination qualifications, and # Tire and Wheel technicians, contributing to the command's #% readiness rate.

- UNSHAKABLE MENTOR. Steadfast leadership yielded # CDIs, # LPTs, # QPJs, # QPAs, # USMAP completions, # EAWSs, # troubleshooters, # hydraulic contaminations, # final checkers, # SE licensees, # plane captains, # tire and wheel, 3 reenlistment, # meritorious advancements, and # SOQs.

- ACCOMPLISHED MENTOR. Conducted # Career Development Boards and implemented an in-rate study program resulting in # advancements and an #% retention rate. Mentorship resulted in # CPO selections, # Senior Sailor of the Year, and # Junior Sailors of the Quarter.

- DEDICATED MENTOR. His committed engagement inspired his Sailors to complete # Journeyman level qualifications, including # qualified CDIs and # CDQARs. Additionally, was instrumental in the qualification of # Plane Captains, completion of # college credits, and the selection of # SOQ, # BJOQ and # meritorious advancements.

- PROVEN MENTOR. Guidance and mentorship of # Sailors produced # BJOQSs, # advancements, # NAMs, # EAWS qualifications, and # enrolled in college.

- INSPIRING MENTOR. Developed X Sailors and chaired X CDBs, qualifying X Safe-for-Flight personnel, X enlisted air warfare specialists, X APU and Low power Turn Operators, and X Sailor of the Quarters, greatly enhancing command qualifications and readiness.

- PROLIFIC MENTOR. Directly responsible for the qualification of X CDIs, X APU operators, X Plane Captains, and X LPT operators, increasing overall qualifications by X%.

- EXCEPTIONAL MENTOR. His mentorship enabled X EAWS designations, X meritorious advancements, X college credits, X USMAP certificates, X NAMs, X SOQs, X MOVSMs, and X reenlistments, contributing to the command earning the 20XX Retention Excellence Award.

DYNAMIC MENTOR. Personalized training and continued devotion to Sailor development led to the designation of X CDQARs, X CDIs, and X Plane Captains which greatly enhanced Command flexibility and inspired X percent advancement rate and X percent retention rate.

INSPIRATIONAL DECKPLATE LEADER. Responsible for the advancement of X Sailors, fostered the selection of X JSOQs, X JSOYs, X MTS designation, X NAMs, X Navy COOL certifications, X college credits and X Bachelors Degrees.

GIFTED MENTOR. Actively involved in the development of Sailors, providing sage advice and up to date information on a myriad of subjects to enhance their personal and professional growth! X Sailors enrolled in USMAP and X Sailors began pursuing college degrees.

- DEVOTED MENTOR. Personally mentored X Sailors in their training, education, and professional growth, directly contributing to X APU/LPT qualifications, X advancements, and X EAWS designations, significantly increasing the command's operational readiness.

- EXEMPLARY MENTOR. Trained and qualified X CDIs, X Journeymen, X crane operators, X support equipment licenses, X EAWS designations, and X SOQs, increasing work center production by X%.

- EXCEPTIONAL TEAM BUILDER. Mentorship produced X Hydraulic Contamination Technicians, X Tire and Wheel Technicians, X CDIs, X EAWS, X advancements, X reenlistments, and X USMAP certifications. His dedication increased workcenter qualifications by X%.

- DECKPLATE LEADER. His guidance led to the qualification of X QARs, X CDIs, X QPAs, X QPJs, X SE operators, and X EAWSs. Oversaw the repair of a persistent radar control discrepancy, providing invaluable OJT to junior Sailors.

-DRIVEN MENTOR. His vigorous training plan resulted in X Plane Captains, X EAWSs, X CDIs, X Plane Captain of the Quarter, one Meritorious advancement, one JSOY, and X out of division qualifications, which greatly expanded maintenance flexibility and efficiency.

-ACCOMPLISHED MENTOR. His sage counsel, guidance, and influence led his Sailors to achieve X NAMs, X MOVSMs, X QPA/QPJ qualifications, 100% USMAP enrollment, X% pass rate for the PFA, and X hours of volunteer service.

- DEDICATED MENTOR. Trained and qualified X Hydraulic Contamination Technicians, X Tire and Wheel Safety Technicians, X EAWS, X Troubleshooters, and X Support Equipment operators, increasing work center readiness by X percent.

- DEDICATED MENTOR. His mission first and Sailors always attitude led to X meritorious advancements, X SOQ selections, X CDBs chaired, X NAMs, X FLOCs, X EAWS, X qualified Safe for Flights, and X reenlistments.

- MISSION FOCUSED MENTOR. His hands-on approach to the personal and professional career development of x Junior Officers and X Sailors yielded X NAMs, X EAWSs, X advancements, X SOQs, and X OCS applicant, resulting in a X percent advancement rate contributing to the command's receipt of the 20XX Retention Excellence Award.

- DEVOTED MENTOR. His efforts led to the qualification of X Aircraft Commanders, X Functional Check Flight pilot, X level-400, X level-300, and X level-200 enlisted aircrew that culminated in the advancement of X Sailors to the next higher grade, 1 Sailor of the Year, and 1 ACCLOGWING East coast Aircrew of the Year.

- TRUSTED MENTOR. Trained, mentored, and qualified X Safe for Flights, X full system QARs, X CDQARs, and X plane captains, maximizing deployment readiness. Furthermore, his devotion to Sailor development led to X EAWS qualifications, X SOQs, X JSOQs, X meritorious advancements, and X in-rate advancements.

- EXCEPTIONAL MENTOR. Produced X Safe for Flights, X Low Power Turn operators, and X APU operators enhancing the squadron's ability to meet operational tasking. Catalyst in the recognition of X SOYs, X SOQs, and X EAWSs.

- ASTUTE MENTOR. Her keen focused on Sailor development yielded X advancements, X EAWSs, X CDIs, X SOQs, X Safe-for-Flights, X CDQARs, X Turn Operators, X meritorious advancements, X Plane Captain of the Year, and X OCS selections.

- STEADFAST LEADER. Led a diverse group of X maintainers across all rates and turned them into a dynamic mission driven team, which resulted in X EAWSs, X aircraft qualifications, X advancements, X reenlistments, X JSOQ, and X BJOY.

- INSPIRING MENTOR. His hands-on commitment to the personal and professional career development of X Sailors allowed for a X percent advancement rate, X reenlistments, X EAWS qualifications, 1 SOQ, 1 BJOY, and 1 Plane Captain of the Year.

- COMMITTED TO SAILOR DEVELOPMENT. Trained eight EAWS, seven plane captains, six CDIs, three CDQARs, and two full-system QARs. Sat two CDBs and was vital in 14 advancements, two SOQ selections, and five reenlistments.

- SAILOR COMMITTED. Directly impacted 11 advancements to include 1 MAP, 6 sailors of the quarter, 3 sailors of the year, 16 EAWS quals, 7 USMAP enrollments, and 4 PPME completions. As ACFL, he ensured a 99% passing rate during the 2022 PFA.

- TRUSTED MENTOR. Her direct guidance produced one meritorious advancement, one SOQ, one NAM, and two USMAP enrollments. As divisional career counselor, she conducted three career development boards, executed two reenlistments, one extension, and facilitated four weekly Career Waypoints training sessions for 31 Sailors across two work centers.

- DECKPLATE LEADERSHIP AT ITS FINEST. Led the most challenging and hard-working division in my command! His dynamic leadership inspired 41 Sailors to earn 255 maintenance qualifications, including 15 plane captains while reducing time to qualify by 33%. His efforts directly contributed to the command's ability to safely conduct maintenance and produced one JSOY and three PCOQs.

- SUPERB MENTOR. Instrumental in the professional development of Sailors, qualifying five Safe for Flights, four CDIs, one JSOQ, two SOQs, five EAWS, and nine advancements. She facilitated two Foundational Leadership Development Courses.

- INSPIRATIONAL MENTOR. His hands-on commitment to the personal and professional growth of Sailors directly supported 54 in-rate qualifications, 10 CDBs, eight advancements, three reenlistments, and one meritorious advancement, one SOQ, one JSOQ, and one Maintainer of the Year Award.

- PREMIER MENTOR. Produced three Safe-for-Flights, three low power turn operators, eight APU operators, and five CDIs, increasing versatility and ability to operate remotely. His guidance was instrumental in the recognition of one SOY, five SOQs, and eight EAWS qualifications.


He seamlessly integrated into the team by mentoring 5 junior Officers and 16 enlisted Sailors across four squadrons resulting in an above average Composite Training Unit Exercise score and their subsequent certification for combat deployment.


By exhibiting superior leadership and unrivaled positive mentorship he aggressively managed a work center of twenty five personnel, implementing a rigorous training plan that directly resulted in three in-rate advancements, the qualification of two Collateral Duty Inspectors, one Quality Assurance/Safety Observer, and one Aviation Air Warfare Specialist thus resulting in an overall 30% increase in aircraft mission readiness while maintaining 100% weapons reliability.

His commitment to sailorization promoted mentorship throughout the command, leading to the promotion of 3 Chief Petty Officers and 8 Petty Officers for the Training and Evaluation Unit.

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