Mentor Eval Statements

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- EXEMPLARY DECKPLATE LEADER. Mentorship of # Sailors produced # MAP, # SOYs, # SOQs, a #% retention rate, a #% college enrollment, # NAMs, and #% enrollment in USMAP.

- EXCEPTIONAL MENTOR. Provided guidance for # Officers, # CPOs, and # junior Sailors, resulting in # advancements, # MAPs, # NAMs, # BJOQs/SOQs, and # SOYs.

- ENGAGED LEADER. Engaged in Sailor development, his mentorship resulted in X, X EAWS designations, and aided in facilitating X Command Indoctrination trainings.

- ENGAGED MENTOR. Directly responsible for X regular advancements, X SOQs, X SOYs, X meritorious advancements, X CDIs, X EAWS designations, X final checkers, X Troubleshooters, and X AE QPAs/QPJs.

- DEVOTED MENTOR. Exceptional mentorship and endless commitment to Sailor development resulted in X meritorious advancements, X SOQ, X BJOQ, X% increase in regular advancements, and X% retention rate. Chaired X CDBs, providing essential career information that yielded X college enrollments, X extensions, and X reenlistments.

- INSPIRING MENTOR. Engaging and visible presence in the command. Positive character on the deck plate encourages camaraderie, unit cohesion and is reflected in an impressive X% retention rate, the reenlistment of X Sailors, and X advancements.

- SAILOR DRIVEN. Her leadership directly produced X MAP advancements, X SOQs, X% EAWS qualification rate, X USMAP certification, a X% retention rate, and X% enrollment of personnel in higher education.

- EXCEPTIONAL MENTOR. Mentorship yielded X 3M/DC qualifications, X EAWS/ESWS designations, X USMAP certificates, X personal awards, X BJOQ/JSOQ/SOQ, and X college credits.

- EXCEPTIONAL MENTOR. Her sage commitment to Sailors was at the forefront, conducted X EAWS, X BJOQ/JSOQ, and X BJOY/SOY boards. Direct mentorship led to X SOQs, X% USMAP enrollment, and X college hours completed within her department.

- SUPERB DECKPLATE LEADER. Led, trained, mentored, and groomed X Sailors. Her guidance yielded X SOQs, X JSOQ, X NAMs, X FLOCs, and X ESWS designations.

- PASSIONATE MENTOR. His sage guidance yielded X C-way rate designations, X advancements, X QARs, X CDQARs, X JSOQ/BJOQs, X in-rate qualifications, X reenlistments, and X initial/annual respirator protection training requirements. Additionally, he coordinated X career development boards and ensured the completion of X PMK-EE courses in preparation for the NWAE.

- DEDICATED MENTOR. Mentored and trained X subordinates, resulting in the qualification of X Quality Assurance Safety Observers, X support equipment operators, X advancements, X reenlistments, X Qualified Proficiency Technicians, X Collateral Duty Inspectors, and the selection of X Junior Sailors of the Quarter.

- DEDICATED MENTOR. Intrusive leadership yielded X quarterly award winners, and X EAWS qualifications while operationally deployed. Chaired X CDBs, leading to X college and X USMAP enrollments, X reenlistments, X PME completions, and X advancements, while sustaining operations without a single alcohol related incident.

- EXTRAORDINARY MENTOR. Steadfast mentorship led to an astonishing X% advancement in-rate, X Plane Captain of the Quarter, X SOQ, 1 meritorious advancement, 1 NAM, over 22,000 USMAP hours logged, X college credits, X CDBs, X reenlistments, X Naval Aircrew warfare, X EAWS and 1 Plane Captain of the Year. An absolute lynchpin in the success of my command!

- COMMITTED TO SAILOR DEVELOPMENT. Directly responsible for the training and qualification of X CPOs and X FCPOs as Safe-for-Flight giving maintenance control tremendous depth for X shift manning requirements. Additionally, he spent numerous off-duty hours as the simulator instructor that trained and qualified X APU and LPT operators to include the first X civilian contractors to obtain the qualification.

- REMARKABLE MENTOR. His steadfast commitment to Sailor development led to the qualification of X CDIs, X Plane Captains, and X Low Power Turn Operators. His efforts culminated of X advancements. As EAWS program coordinator, he provided X hours of instruction resulting in the qualification of X EAWS, which contributed to overall command led readiness.

- DEDICATED MENTOR. Fully committed to Sailor development, his tailored approach to mentorship yielded X CDQARs, X CDIs, X BJOQ/JSOQ/SOQs, X EAWS, X advancements, and X reenlistment. His impact ensured my command will enjoy continued success beyond his influence.

- DEDICATED TO DEVELOPMENT. Personally trained and qualified X Journeyman, X P/P Daily Inspectors, and X Troubleshooters. His mentorship produced X LPT Operators, X CDQARs, X CDIs, X OCS applicants, X advancements, and X SOQ selections. He aligned the squadron EAWS instruction with new the CNAF directive, ensured 100% enrollment, coordinated X training hours, directed X boards, and qualified X Sailors.

- INNOVATIVE MENTOR. Her keen focus and strict adherence to LaDR program resulted in X advancements, X reenlistments, X NAMs, X MOVSMs, X FLOCs, X% USMAP enrollment, X GCMs, and X ISIC-level SOY selection, X selection for OCS, X selection for USNA, X college courses, X Navy Cool certificates, X SELRES conversion, X RDC package submission, X Rating Detailer package submission, X PCU package submission, X Instructor Duty package submission, contributing to my command receiving the 20XX Retention Excellence Award and Battle "E."

- IMPACTFUL MENTOR. Her dedication to Sailors and respect for Naval heritage have made her a constant motivator and mentor to all. Her results-driven attitude is infectious and directly resulted in X Meritorious advancement, X SOQs, X EAWS, X NAMs, a X% retention rate, and X% enrollment of her personnel in higher education.

- MISSION FOCUSED. Sage guidance was pivotal in the qualification of X Safe for Flight, X Flight Line Coordinators, X EAWS, X CDIs, X advancements, X reenlistments, and X SOQs/JSOQs. Facilitated three training sessions for X FCPOs and X CPOs during SAILOR 360.

- DECKPLATE POWERHOUSE. As DCC, her astute leadership contributed to X advancements, X Bachelors Degrees, X reenlistments, X SOQs, X NAMs, and X FLOCs. As ACFL, she sought out every opportunity to develop a culture of fitness.

- BRILLIANT MENTOR. Trained and qualified 1 full systems QAR, 2 work center QARs, 9 CDQARs, 8 CDIs, 5 LPT Operators, 2 LPT Instructors, 6 APU operators, 8 plane captains, and 23 SE operators. His superb leadership resulted in 5 advancements, 2 bachelor s degrees, 20 reenlistments, 3 SOQs, 14 NAMs, and 8 FLOCs.

- DEVOTED MENTOR. His sage guidance and keen focus on mentorship initiatives resulted in X CDBs, X in-rate qualifications, X advancements, and X SOQ/JSOQ/BJOQ selections.

- UNMATCHED COMMITMENT. Responsible for the training and qualification of X Collateral Duty Inspections, X Apprentices, X Journeymen, and X Support Equipment Operators. Dedicated X off-duty hours facilitating EAWS training for X junior Sailors, which directly impacted work center and command readiness.

- EXCEPTIONAL MENTOR. He played a vital role increasing work center qualifications by training and qualifying three ordnance team members, three PR Apprentices, two PR Journeyman, six EAWS designations, and one JSOQ, increasing work center productivity and readiness.

- FORCE MULTIPLIER. Provided pivotal guidance up and down the chain of command capitalizing on the strengths of others to develop Sailors. His leadership and training were essential in qualifying four Safe for Flights, six Low Power Turn operators, and four APU operators, enhancing the squadron's ability to meet operational tasking. Produced three SOYs, two SOQs, and two EAWS qualifications.

- COMMITTED MENTOR. His devotion to the personal growth and professional career development of his Sailors resulted in three SOQs, two JSOQ, three BJOQ, eight advancements, five EAWS qualifications, and two Safe for Flight.

- TRUSTED MENTOR AND ADVISOR. As the Command SOQ Co-Chair, he led 25 CPOs and FCPOs in conducting 4 SOQ and 1 JSOQ boards, demonstrating professional and personal dedication. His leadership facilitated 9 advancements and 7 CDBs.

- SAILOR FOCUSED. Direct mentorship resulted in one meritorious advancement, one USMAP certificate of completion, one USMAP enrollment, 75% EAWS qualified, 40% enrollment in higher education, one direct conversion to the YN rating for a PACT sailor, and one reenlistment.

- SUPERB DECKPLATE LEADER. Inspiring mentorship led to eight advancements, one junior Sailor of the year, one junior Sailor of the quarter, two blue jackets of the quarter, and one plane captain of the year.

- PROVEN MENTOR. Influence led to two Sailors elected to cabinet positions in MWR, two cabinet positions in CSADD, 3 reenlistments, one advancement, two NAMs, three USMAP certifications, and three Sailors to enrolled in advanced education.

A dynamic mentor, Chief Rudolf recognized the importance of continuing education to the Navy mission and encouraged his subordinates and peers to explore off-duty education options. Consequently, more than fifty percent of his division are currently enrolled in some type of advanced education.

-DEDICATED MENTOR. Devoted to mission success, she orchestrated daily platform specific training for 17 Sailors resulting in the qualification of 6 Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialists, 10 Plane Captains, 12 Move Directors, 12 Fuel Pit Crew members, and 13 Brake Riders, increasing work center effectiveness by 36%.

- STANDOUT MENTOR! Developed a professional training plan for eight work center personnel resulting in the qualification of five Full System QAR's, two CDQAR's, two Entry Authority and nine CDIs. His dedication to mentoring 13 junior personal resulted in four advancing-in-rate and two ESWS qualifications.

DYNAMIC MENTOR. As Career Counselor for over 120 Sailors, PO1 Smith assembled a 4-member career development team, achieved 100% retention rate through 6 reenlistments, 5 retirement ceremonies and supported 72 CDBs, ensuing 17 advancements to the next higher paygrade. He also created a Welcome Aboard Package and sponsor program.


His outstanding leadership and mentorship can be felt with every endeavor. His selfless devotion to duty and dedication to enhancing the knowledge of others demonstrates his commitment to making a positive impact at work, in the command, and in the community.

Under his leadership, personnel have seen an advancement rate of 80% of all eligible members to the next paygrade. His dedication to the department and command is second to none, spending numerous off-duty hours scheduling medical readiness appointments, coordinating personnel and support for major training evolutions, and providing individual mentoring for his junior sailors.


Demonstrated superb leadership and mentorship within his Department. His ability to actively ensure the success of his division demonstrated impeccable leadership and ability. He supported the Electronic Warfare community by taking his leadership role outside of his own division to ensure mission readiness was never compromised.

Made a positive impact on 2 command's and 12 squadron's retention management programs. Utilizing hands-on mentoring skills, his lead-from-the-front mentorship style ensured his Counselors accomplished their professional and personal goals to achieve positive results! He single-handedly trained and led 14 command and squadron counselors overseeing 2,000 Sailors in compliance with the Navy's ever-changing career information policies to maintain squadrons' retention, mission, and high level of deployment readiness.

As the Individual Augmentee Coordinator, he mentored and assisted 70 Sailors in their processing and provided administrative and moral support throughout their assignments.

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