Mid-term Counseling Examples

- I am completely dedicated to fulfill my role as the second RPPO for ECHO.
- I finish all my jobs and taskings in a timely manner.
- I can sustain a positive attitude even when there are setbacks.

Areas of Improvement:
- I need to be more assertive to ensure my voice and my ideas or input are heard.
- I am easily sidetracked and need to stay focused on the tasks that I am given.
- I am falling behind my peers in regard to my NSF pin.

- I will complete all my requirements to earn my NSF before the end of deployment.
- I will continue to work on my USMAPS.
- I will work hard on my time management skills to make sure I do not get sidetracked.

- I handle stressful situations well.
- Maintains a positive attitude even when life sets you back.
- Helpful; if anyone seeks my help I will help them to the best of my ability.

- My communication skills need to be improved.
- Confidence in tasks need to be improved.
- Need to step into more of a leadership role.

- Get my EXW before the end of deployment.
- Improve in my leadership skills.
- Get a college degree in the IT field.

- Capable Leader. MA2 is a capable leader that demonstrated he is a SME and able to manage multiple tasks.
- Skilled Trainer. Led 8 back table training sessions to get members EST and landside ready and led 5 members to pursue COG.
- Command Oriented. As ACFL, MA2 orchestrated 12 Command PTs and coordinated 30 CFL/ACFLs to run FEP workouts.

Areas of Improvement:
- Time Management. Tries to crunch too many tasks in a small amount of time.
- Delegation of duties. Struggles to trust others to get tasks done and often finishes the task himself.
- Dealing with confrontation. Doesn't like to argue.

- Start college at AMU.
- Get ATTWO.
- Attend more Volunteer events.

- Skilled Leader. MM2 demonstrated his leadership capabilities by leading 10 EST members on board USS Hershel "Woody" Williams as ATWO.
- Team player. Always willing to help with team tasks.
- Command Oriented. As Echo Company NDA, MM2 completed 52 sets of orders in DTS ensuring the Command training readiness to complete MSRON 2 missions.

Areas of Improvement:
- Communication needs to focus on not overthinking when communicating with others.
- Need to find more time to study for continuing education.
- Computer skills need improvement.

- Complete college at Coastline Community College.
- Advance to E-6 by having a better study routine.
- To continue training in BJJ.



PATIENCE. Struggles to remain patient in high stress environments. Working toward positive professional and personal tactics to retain emotional continuity.

-Competent and reliable: PO1 makes sure he finishes the task given to him whether big or small.
-Enthusiastic: PO1 shares positive energy that helps member to enjoy their activity.
-Sincere: PO1 __ works behind the scenes, without recognition or reward, to support daily operations.

Areas of Improvement
-Lacks Command Involvement. Needs active participation in groups or associations.
-Lacking knowledge of his specific job. PO1 __ environment doesn't give him hands on job for his rate.
-Lack of confidence. Petty officer having a hard time to perform a task out of his comfort zone.

3 Strengths:
Versatile. Able to adapt to last minute changes (like for trial preparation and client meetings).
Great at communication (for instance, able to interview witnesses who turn out to be hostile to clients).
Reliable. Able to meet mission requirements with a quick turnaround of written work.

3 Weaknesses:
Has difficulty asking questions and asking for help because I want to try and find the answer first.
Too Self-critical.
A little bit of a procrastinator. Tends to put things off until it's almost due.

3 Goals:
Take on more leadership roles and responsibilities
Speak up more and ask for help when needed
Step out of my comfort zone more

- Exceptional team player who can always be depended on to help accomplish any task given.
- Highly motivated in pursuing higher education, self-improvement, and more qualifications.
- Good communicator and keeps supervisor apprised of all problems and status.

Areas of Improvement:
- Working on getting a better grasp of time management for which items take priority.
- Overly explains endeavors and needs to get to the point to send a clear message for the situation.
- Have been feeling stressed out recently over time management of home and work. Need to utilize the resources available.

Short Term Goal:
- To become qualified above paygrade before fall in order to become an asset to the company.

Long Term Goal:
- To further education by obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in cyber security to be prepared for future.

- Is sought out for his subject matter experience in all weapons systems in Echo.
- As a top notch trainer, always ready to give his knowledge to any eager participant.
- Dedicated to work and is willing to put the work in for what is required and has no problem with working long days if required.

Areas of improvement:
- Needs to make a better effort demonstrating Military Bearing.
- Needs to establish involvement with company collaterals and command collaterals.
- Has to develop better leadership skills to be a better example for junior Sailors.

Short Term Goals:
- I want to finish my Junior and Senior years at Arizona State University to earn my bachelor's degree.

Long Term Goals:
- I want to have my debts payed off before the end of 2023.

- Freely shares hard-earned knowledge with other members in the company as a member of CTT, an example to emulate.
- Excellent Company and Command involvement as an active member of JEA and AST program.
- Works above paygrade as shown with his experience and knowledge. He knows what needs to be done and doesn't stop until the job is done.


-Committed to tasks at hand
-Versatile team player

Areas of Improvement:

-Team Training
-CPO 365
-Command involvement

Plan of Action:

-Have Training PO Create Training Program (Power point Presentations)
-365 Program
-Get more involved with communities and organizations at the command level


-Committed to tasks at hand.
-Versatile team player.

Areas of Improvement:

-Communication with lab cases.
-Self management with lab cleanliness.
-Command involvement.

Plan of Action:

-Log books will be cross referenced with all cases entering and leaving the lab to avoid confusion. Finished cases will be signed out as well as notifying the corresponding doctor/technician.
-At COB each day before muster a final field day will eliminate excessive debris on lab surfaces.
-Get more involved with communities and organizations at the command level.

There are six major objectives to accomplish during the counseling session:

a. Identify the memberís important strengths and shortcomings. A fair, accurate, and realistic assessment of the memberís performance is crucial to the counseling process.

b. Address specific performance problems, concentrating on ways to develop growth in these areas. Also address the memberís strengths and encourage their further development. Point out ways to improve, but do not dwell on unimportant faults in the belief that criticism is essential to counseling.

c. Present a performance growth plan, if appropriate. Be sure that goals are challenging but realistic and attainable for the member.

d. Ensure members have a clear understanding and acknowledge their performance during the review period.

e. Review what is expected of the member before the next counseling session or evaluation report. Ensure the member understands the supervisorís expectations.

f. Ensure Transition Assistance Program Military Life Cycle counseling for members is conducted. A Military Life Cycle fact sheet can be found at: http://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/career/transition/Pages/TAP.aspx.

BM3 Santiago is resourceful and devoted to his duty. His untiring efforts and flexibility enabled him to tackle any assignment and produce quality results.

* TECHNICAL EXPERT. Directly responsible for the essential repairs to LCU-1659 A/C System, Galley Freezer and Sewage Ejection Pump, saving the command over 7,000 dollars in contract cost; additionally, he expertly completed all electrical plant grooming and preparations aboard LCU 1650 prior to the First LCU INSURV in a decade, resulting on a 90% INSURV score.
* COMMAND IMPACT. As work center supervisor he trained 24 sailors in proper maintenance procedures ensuring the completion of 2,500 PMS checks. His superb management ability of the 3M System and Control Equipage Programs lead LCU 1659 to be the only pick for every major inspection at the command. He recieved an overall grade of outstanding for both Naval Beach Group Two's Unit in the Spotlight and the SURFLANT supply inspection.
* MATURE MENTOR. He devoted multiple off duty hours to mentor and trained 11 sailors, resulting in Two Craft Electricians, Four Security Rovers and Two Quarter Deck watchstanders.
As Divisional Career Counselor he successfully completed 20 Deparmental Career Development Boards yielding one "A" school assignment and promoting upward mobility for junior sailors. Petty Officer Peterson's ability to excell at all taskings while leading his peers and juniors make him a valuable asset to the command. He is highly recommended for advancement!

- COMMAND CAREER COUNSELOR: From 10 Feb 09 to present. During this period Petty Officer Charles attended monthly career counselor meetings, monitored unit progress, and kept the Command Chief and CO apprised on HYT and EOS. In addition, PO Charles counseled all four department members on career development, advancement opportunities, professional growth, and the advantages of a Navy career.
- LPO, OPERATIONS: Petty Officer Charles has continued in his central role in providing leadership essential to mission accomplishment.
- Motivated peers and subordinates by example demonstrating mature leadership and an empathetic rapport, a model sailor for his shipmates and subordinates.
- Continued to make progress in his studies toward a degree in Mass Communications, accumulating 6 more credit hours.
- Completed GMT and Professional Development training required by the unit to include: Navy's Opportunity policy, Navy Tobacco Policy, GTN, FACTS, Diversity Training, Navy's Alcohol Use Policy Training, Drug Use Policy, Fraternization Policy, and Personal Finance Management.

Petty Officer Charles' enthusiasm and maturity make him well-suited for the Culinary Service team. His thoughtful and creative approach to customer service provides his sailors and VR-58 with a great example of professionalism which prompted his selection for a permanent staff position.
Motivated and confident. Efficiently executed the receiving, processing, stowing, and distribution of more than 300 consumables worth in excess of $200,000 ensuring mission readiness and reducing preparation time by 50%.
Produces the department's weekly WAR report and schedule and maintains 100% manning and consistent and reliable service.
Team Player. Provided storage for and assisted in the accountability and control of over 500 C-40A Clipper support equipment by reevaluating food storage requirements, revising delivery schedules to lessen space required, and incorporating daily and periodic inventories into his department's routine, resulting in a successful transition to the new C-40A with no down time.
Committed to team. Administered anonymous surveys to all members to assess command climate. Identified areas of concern and submitted improvement recommendations, which were accepted and adopted, increasing member satisfaction.
Dedicated to community. Volunteered 40 hours at Jacksonville High School mentoring students in key areas of perception and self-confidence, responsibility and the opportunities the Navy offers.
Impeccable military bearing. Consistently scored grades of Outstanding on the commandís semi-annual PRT.

EDU: Completed 6 credits towards Associates degree in Food Service Management.
COMM: Volunteered 12 hours/6 days with the Jacksonville Habitat for Humanity program

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