Navy Midterm Strengths and Weaknesses

Dedicated in work.
Outstanding military bearing.
Competent in overall duties.

Poor uniform standards.
Non-qualified in rate.
Does not use resources provided to him via command.

Finish bachelor's degree.
Save money to buy and rent out a house.
Get qualified in rate.


- Experienced and Knowledgeable. Supports daily operations from start to completion.
- Administratively talented. Actively supports all personnel with admin tasks.
- Good Leadership Style. Always treats everyone with the outmost respect.


- Lacks Command Involvement. Needs active participation in groups or associations.
- Must always meet all deadlines.
- Acquire Workcenter CDI.


- Register for a new USMAPS Apprenticeship.
- Complete all Professional Military Education courses and gain certification.
- Acquire Command Collaterals and improve Morale in the division and Command.


Heavy Hitter; when assigned work, completes the tasks in a timely manner and is always ready to ask for more

Professional. Maintains a professional work environment; keeps visitors without work-related business out of area allowing mates to work uninterrupted

Always on time, well rested and prepared to work

Ahead of schedule with shop qualification, keep up diligent progress

Excellent progress on training. At this rate, you'll be fully qualified in 5 months, something that has never been done before here

Competent and reliable, can be depended on to ensure assigned tasks are completed

Proactive; always anticipates tasking and prepares for them ahead of time

Assumes responsibility for quality of department products and helps enforce standards

Good communicator. Keeps supervisor apprised of all problems and status

Mature and helpful crew member; is the only Sailor who asks if anything needs to be done and volunteers for it

Team player. Volunteered for unpopular TAD.

Consistently pursuing higher education, self improvement, and more qualifications.

Freely shares hard-won knowledge with other shift members, an example to emulate

Uses free time wisely. Studies for advancement and site qualification.

Always helpful to less experienced members

Foresight prevented shortage of resources and ensured we met our goals.

Works behind the scenes, without recognition or reward, to support daily operations

Administratively talented. Keeps our technical manuals up to date and complete.

Your uniform and bearing are an example to the workcenter.

Experienced and knowledgeable. Knows what needs to be done and doesn't stop until the job is done

Diplomatic. Have a good rapport with leadership and peers.

Good leadership style; treats all members equally and with respect

Supports the Chief. Defends her position and carries out her orders without complaint.


Lack of Oversight in Leadership. Does not delegate minor tasks to other sailors to focus on the major ones.

LACKS COMMAND INVOLVEMENT. Member needs to establish a command presence with other leaders outside of workcenter.

Needs to pay more attention to uniform

Must always use safety equipment and ensure subordinates do also.

Sailor must actively participate in physical training or increase efforts in order to pass PRT

Takes advantage of LPO's absense to be consistently late for duty

Requires supervision at all times

Doesn't share his knowledge with peers; says let them crack the books like I did

All Sailors should use their chain of command to resolve issues at the lowest possible level before going to the Captain.

Exagerated or reported false accomplishments in order to make it appear that he was working when he was not

Claimed to have accomplished taskings that were physically impossible in order to make other departments look deficient

Frequently not at place of duty

Signed off on training tasks before being qualified; failed spot evaluation by QA.

Thinks being a First Class Petty Officer is a license to abuse lower ranking Sailors.

Spends too much time on phone or away from her desk

Failed to double check work and issued parts that were previously turned in

Contributed to low morale by criticizing Chief's decisions and mission parameters

Encouraged peers to take advantage of the government welfare system (disability) by documenting false physical ailments

As ranking Petty Officer, forced his captive audience to listen to his personal political views on a daily basis; wasted time and resources and lowered morale and productivity

Used his position as Det Chief to hire personal acquaintances who were not qualified for civilian positions

Set poor example for peers and subordinates by sexually harassing visiting female Sailors from outside agencies

Hid serious shortfalls until it was too late to correct them

Slept on overnight shift, leaving junior Sailors unsupervised with high voltage equipment; risked lives and unit's mission

Stole deployed Sailors' personal possessions; justified actions with claim that insurance would reimburse them for their loss

Failed to follow orders when unsupervised

Regularly shows disrespect to superiors and requires constant supervision

Petty Officer Barroga is a motivated troop but needs further training and guidance in...

PO3 has unlimited potential but requires more experience before working alone.

Must realize the importance of finishing assigned tasks without supervision

Failed to use time wisely, consistently failed to complete duty assignments

Needs to be consistent with leadership style and maintain formality when in presence of Sailors

An excellent technician but needs to work on tact and communication skills

Failed to keep track of the Sailors under his supervision.

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