Navy Leadership Eval Examples

Organizing, Motivating, and Developing Others to Accomplish Goals

1.0 Below Standards 3.0 Meets Standards 5.0 Exceeds Standards

- Neglects growth/ development or welfare of subordinates
- Fails to organize, creates problems for subordinates
- Does not set or achieve goals relevant to command mission and vision
- Lacks ability to cope with or tolerate stress
- Inadequate communicator
- Tolerates hazards or unsafe practices

- Effectively stimulates growth/ development in subordinates
- Organizes successfully,implementing process improvements and efficiencies
- Sets/achieves useful, realistic goals that support command mission
- Performs well in stressful situations
- Clear, timely communicator
- Ensures safety of personnel and equipment

- Inspiring motivator and trainer, subordinates reach highest level of growth and development
- Superb organizer, great foresight, develops process improvements and efficiencies
- Leadership achievements dramatically further command mission and vision
- Perseveres through the toughest challenges and inspires others
- Exceptional communicator
- Makes subordinates safety-conscious, maintains top safety record
- Constantly improves the personal and professional lives of others

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