Electronics Technician (ET) (Nuclear) Evals

Served as a Nuclear Repair Coordinator (NRC) at Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department (NRMD), New London. As NRC, he managed the performance of all nuclear repairs across tended units in support of 9 deployments, 11 radiological discharge evolutions, and the completion of 23 maintenance availabilities, and served as the NRC for all visiting units.

A superb technician with an unmatched knowledge and experience, ET1 Kaper supervised numerous complex reactor controls maintenance efforts during multiple shutdown periods, enabling the plant to fully meet follow up taskings. His unwavering dedication, deckplate leadership and natural ability to inspire Sailors improved command performance via 11 classes qualifying 1200 new nuclear operators.

Chief Nealy delivered over 200 hours of complex casualty indication and control training which enhanced operational knowledge of four aircraft carrier reactor departments and dramatically improved fleet readiness. His technical expertise was essential to the installation and certification of two major trainers, doubling the capabilities of the A4W side and increasing trainer utilization by fifty percent.

As Safety Petty Officer and Zone Inspection Coordinator, Petty Officer Hesset demonstrated exceptional innovation and foresight by developing and implementing an effective and efficient divisional zone inspection program. From the program's inception, 131 safety, preservation, and Material Deficiencies were identified and corrected, resulting in significant improvement to Safety, equipment operational readiness, and overall material condition of the Nuclear Support Facility (NSF). Further, his efforts contributed substantially to the expeditionary team's ability to complete over 100 preventive and corrective maintenance jobs within 90 days, ensuring the NSF was maintained in the highest state of readiness.

Serving as Lead Instructor for the Trident Training Facility Bangor Nuclear Officer Training Division, she expertly performed her duties as the fleet wide Course Curriculum Model Manager for both Perspective Nuclear Engineering Officer and Operational Water Chemistry courses. She provided world class training to the Bangor and Bremerton waterfronts as the Course Supervisor for the Quality Assurance Officer course. She also provided oversight in the expenditure of thousands of dollars as the Recreation and Ship's Store Auditor and contributed to emergency readiness as the Command Emergency Management Officer.

As Nuclear Zone Manager, Senior Chief Buxley planned, scheduled, and executed a first of its kind Fallout Release Survey Plan for CVN-73 DPIA, completing the entire survey package of 188 components and 77 ventilation systems which required over 5100 man-hours. He maintained close coordination between the program office, production shops, and ship's force, providing necessary data for the release of the CVN-73 from fallout contamination controls. Additionally, he aggressively pursued the completion of 12 maintenance and test system piping inspections that included an unexpected valve replacement and piping fabrication which required 955 man-hours. As Reactor Plant Containment Coordinator, he successfully coordinated and led project efforts to establish and certify propulsion space boundary integrity, ensuring essential prerequisites for the steaming testing program were met.

Lead Nuclear Repair Coordinator onboard Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department. His ability to clearly communicate goals, expectations with both military and civilian contractors was unmatched. He successfully coordinated over 200 joint maintenance repairs, including 3 Dual Media Discharges, between TRIDENT Refit Facility, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department, ensuring all work was completed on time and under budget. He was highly adept in the areas of management and resourcefulness, providing intuitive guidance and instruction to his Sailors to ensure all tended units on the waterfront were able to meet all operational commitments.

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