Professionalism Examples

Standards Enforcement; Taking Initiative, Planning, Prioritizing, Solving challenges in the Chiefs' Mess. Continuous Learning; Standards of Appearance, Conduct, Physical fitness, and Qualifications. Includes Contributions to the CNO's Retention and Attrition Goals and Military Bearing

Her ingenuity directly resulted in a realistic and attainable plan to accomplish FORT WORTH's training requirements after encountering numerous unforeseen roadblocks.

- Exemplified professionalism! Served as Maintenance award ceremony proffer; presented 22 awards, upheld military tradition and spiked morale.

- Supported military tradition; performed proffer duties for ship-wide promotion ceremony and recognized the efforts of 17 Sailors.

- Led five facility tours for distinguished visitors; briefed Under Secretary of Defense on operations and relayed critical concerns to leadership.

-DEDICATED LEADER. Rapidly took charge as the Admin Officer. Served as my trusted advisor on all administrative and personnel matters. Superbly led his team in staffing 460 joint admin requests to include 101 personal awards, 67 evaluations, and a critical 8 week review of 26 directives on a timely manner.

His superb attention to detail and attitude is infectious and motivates others to achieve and exceed command/personal goals.

- Made maximum use of pre-operational phase by acquiring new qualifications: completed the Senior Enlisted Propulsion Engineering Course (SEPEC), Fuel Testing, Fire fighting, Mine Detection, and ADAMS for Supervisors.

Steadfast and dependable. As assistant section leader, guided the section of 24 Sailors to complete all available training lectures while under way despite demanding shift schedules.

-TYCOM asset/recognized expert: as CART/ULTRA LCAC Inspector, conducted AMW/MOB certifications on 5 SURFLANT ships 3 weeks ahead of schedule

- Superbly handled all personnel matters in his role as Senior Enlisted Advisor. Provided intelligent counsel to Commander and staff on a wide range of issues including crew morale, personnel planning, and ship employment.

- Rapidy took charge as Admin Officer. Identified and corrected many long-standing discrepancies.

- Senior Chief Smith is a staunch advocate of tradition, loyalty, and strong Naval service. His unwavering support of the chain of command, firm enforcement of military standards, and equitable treatment of subordinates has optimized morale and promoted teamwork and mission accomplishment.

- Tactical Readiness Evaluation Top Performer. His mission planning, execution, and support were essential to and contributed greatly to USS Bainbridge's designation as COMSECONDFLT Tactical Readiness Evaluation Top Performer.

- Organized a goal-oriented office team and encouraged team input to reduce the number of administrative problems.

- Led a team in the engineering of physical and electronic security controls associated with the relocation of key DISA facility. He saved the command thousands of dollars in outsourcing costs while ensuring bullet-proof security by utilizing his expertise and leadership in the design and protection of the new DISA facility.

- Performed flawlessly during NEPTUNE WARRIOR training course--increased interoperability among NATO coalition forces, facilitated flow of intel between allied ships and fleet.

- Outstanding role model, his embodiment of Navy Core Values guarantees success. Promoted naval tradition and pride as Master of Ceremonies for two poignant retirement ceremonies.

- A play-maker with an indefatigable work ethic. Hand picked to be the only E-7 to attain the title of Senior Watch Officer which is usually held by an E-8. He makes the process of managing Ops Center look easy.

- Takes exceptional pride in personal image and has a meticulous military appearance, wears immaculate inspection-ready uniform on daily basis with a positive attitude and outlook.

- Led by coaching, always providing positive reinforcement to motivate personnel to improve, both professionally and personally.

- Completed 6 credit hours, English Composition, algebra at San Jacinto College toward Bachelors Degree.

- Consistently achieves the highest standard of excellence and displays pride in work.

- Exemplifies the highest standards of moral integrity and personal honor. Capable and dedicated, he demonstrated extraordinary discipline.

- Initiative. He completes many tasks before others realize they need to be done. Performed admirably as acting Chief of the Boat on several occasions.

-Undisputed authority: chosen to conduct AMW/MOB certifications on 5 most critical SURFLANT ships, delivered most thorough and complete review to date.

- Strengthens command climate and morale by promoting good order and discipline. Ensured exceptional crew conduct during two foreign port visits which promoted favorable international relations

SELF-IMPROVEMENT. Completed 40 hours toward Information Systems Management degree, finished 4 NKO, National Defense University's Joint PME for SNCOs CBT--honed joint-service management skills

DYNAMIC LEADER and MENTOR. His success in filling critical manning deficiencies enabled DISA-EUR to maintain the highest state of operational readiness.

- NON-STOP SELF-IMPROVEMENT. Completed the USAF Senior NCO Academy in residence Course. Completed 3 credit hours (Introductinon to Statistics) toward AA.

- Provided input for new system. His vast knowledge of ship's systems and characteristics made him the logical choice for Temporary Additional Duty assignments to Norfolk for contractor conference. I am confident that his valuable input for the development of the new system will ensure maximum effectiveness and dependability.

- As Command Career Counselor, the entire crew depends on his guidance.

- Efficiently prepared his department for an East PAC deployment. Ensured NAV/OPS department was always stocked and ready for immediate deployment and sustained performace at sea.

DEDICATED MENTOR! As Command Mentor, she skillfully matched all sailors with competent mentors and facilitated the personal and professional development of the crew.

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