Protocol Evals

As Protocol Administrative Assistant, assisted in the support and coordination of over 200 command events in a high pressure Protocol environment, including high profile visits by the President of Poland, the Princess of Luxembourg, and the SACT Change of Command, in addition to several conference events attended by the highest level of NATO officials. Demonstrating outstanding organizational skill, he created and maintained an extensive Protocol database with information on over 1,000 personnel which improved the efficiency of the Protocol department. In addition to his Protocol duties, Petty Officer also served as facilitator to SACLANT Conference Room and SACT Auditorium, providing administrative and technical support to over 500 NATO meetings and conferences.

As Protocol assistant, Petty Officer Myers was overall responsible for over 60 exceptional luncheons and receptions and the execution of over 350 distinguished visitors' itineraries.

Protocol specialist Petty Officer Jillet's steady professionalism, foresight, and expertise driving contributed to the completion of 40 succesful visits from distinguished visitors including the POTUS, SECNAV, and CNO.

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