Quality of Work Examples

Standard of Work; Value of End Product

1.0 Below Standards 3.0 Meets Standards 5.0 Exceeds Standards

- Needs excessive supervision
- Product frequently needs rework
- Wasteful of resources

- Needs little supervision
- Produces quality work
- Few errors and resulting rework
- Uses resources efficiently

- Needs no supervision
- Always produces exceptional work
- No rework required
- Maximizes resources

Key to his section's outstanding support for an emergency deployment to assess the damage of Wake Island after Typhoon Ioke struck. His support provided critical assistance to the USAF and directly enabled accurate casualty estimates within 48 hours.

- Expertly supervised 1,800 pay transactions, 30 billet requests and achieved a 100% NAT accession goal. Additionally, she personally verified ESR's for 225 SELRES Sailors, directly resulting in a 100% mobilization status. Sailors are mission ready without delay.

- As Leading Petty Officer, received Bravo Zulu during mock Joint Commission inspection receiving zero hits on the sterilization, storage and procedural processes of all endoscopy equipment.

- Reconfigured 10 tactical satellite missions to conserve finite satellite resources and increased bandwidth available to ships by 15%.

- Restored over 600 communications circuit/link outages as they occurred across the Pacific theater--communications links availability remained above 99.99%--unparalleled uptime!

- Revised examination procedures for submarine crew members--incorporated low light requirements--ensured mission readiness

SUPERIOR PERFORMER! Excelled during JTF Exercise Operation BOLD STEP. Meticulous attention to detail identified comm failure before ops, repaired to restore comm.

- Managed a complex mix of terrestrial and satellite communications links to provide reliable service to over 100,000 military personnel in the Persian Gulf. Diligent contingency planning and coordination resulted in the efficient restoral of over 1500 network outages providing 100% always-on comm service to deployed users!

- Energetic in execution of administrative duties; monitored key personnel functions and enthusiastically accepted additional duties

- Performed Collateral Damage Estimates and analysis of over 2,000 joint missions during Operation Enduring Freedom. Attention to detail identified long-overlooked effects, resulted in modified mission procedures theater-wide.

- Always completed 100% of assigned tasks on time and ensured no loss of continuity during shift changes

- Performed active, preventive maintenance, and phase inspections on power distribution systems--attention to detail resulted in zero mishaps and 100% reliability.

- Assisted in the redesign of traditional tool system. Teamwork and initiative was rewarded with service-wide recognition for innovation and knowledge.

- Revived the flagging hearing protection program. Conducted noise studies in over a dozen shops and implemented preventive measures, reduced potential hearing loss by estimated 50%

- Compiled detailed after-action reports that were key to improving future deployment operations throughout the fleet

- Maintained over $1 million in weapons, munitions, and other support equipment. His perfect accountability of critical assets ensured readiness at all times.

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