Quality of Work Examples

Standard of Work; Value of End Product

Negative Examples for substandard performance

GM3 maintained and accounted over MIL in AA&E. His attention to detail maintained 100% accountability and assured operational readiness of 2 MK 38 25MM, 3 50. cals, 4 M240s , 2 MK19, 20 M9 s and 10 M4 s. GM3 completed over 500 maintenance checks, provided equipment validations to over 130 items during 3M Force Revision 2-16, including VBSS & ATFP inventories. His attention to detail set the standard in the successful offload of 100K lbs of Ordnance with ZERO mishaps.

Superb Organizer - EM1 led a training team of 7 to sister company and inspected over 7,623 pieces of baggage for 2,309 personnel returning to the U.S.

As divisional 3M Maintenance Planner, he executed over 50 maintenance spot checks and contrived completion of over 100 successful maintenance assignments. These actions were key to ___ Division's success and ensured that USS ___ was maintained at the highest state of readiness.

- Traced outage to network defense issue and immediately notified Commander and all Operations Centers--prevented loss of critical comm.

- Troubleshot loss of SIPRNET connectivity, isolated to failed router, rerouted--restored high priority data

- Key to successful participation in JTFEX OPERATION BOLD STEP. Vigilant scrutiny of 100% of message traffic ensured quick reaction to changes, threats to fleet. His close coordination of efforts readied ship for any contingency--increased crew confidence, battle ready!

- Completed scheduled modification of ship USC-38 antenna systems--completed in less than half allotted time

- Provided agile readiness support! Reviewed and prepared over 2K troops for deployment in less than 10 days--100% met requirements and deployed on time.

- Updated Navy TCAIMS program for all deploying personnel with 100% accuracy. Attention to detail directly and positively affected morale and readiness.

- Briefed over 1,000 deploying marines pierside on destinations and expected conditions; proactive efforts increased unit effectiveness on arrival.

- As training manager, obtained three scarce regional AGS training slots; prevented delay in personnel qualifications, increased readiness.

- Organized a theater Intelligence team to exploit intelligence imagery collected by Pioneer UAV surveillance. His efforts doubled the section's capability and reduced group's vulnerability.

- Distributed daily intelligence reports and indexes via SIPRNET with 100% accuracy, correctly formatted, and ahead of schedule!

- Trained new personnel on Document Exploitation (DOCEX) team in the Multinational Division-Southern Area of Operations. All members shift-qualified ahead of schedule, increased the AO's exploitation potential by 50%.

- Managed Blood Alcohol Test program for SURFLANT units. Ensured chain of custody and 100% accurate results; integral to shipmate safety and discipline.

- Prepared work center personnel for their qualification evaluations; increased work center pass rate by 50%, now leads the DESRON.

- He and his crew safely and professionally transferred more than 20 million gallons of POL products and over 5,000 pallets of stores and ordnance during a deployment that supported more than 120 replenishment events -numbers that far exceed deployment norms and the likes of which haven't been seen since the early days of OIF.

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