Radiology Technician Evals

Petty Officer Orlando purged the Radiology department mammography records. As the driving force behind the mammography purge, Petty Officer Orlando trained and oversaw the work of 5 junior Sailors. While maintaining her regular duties, her oversight and management ability resulted in the meticulous and complete processing, tracking, and documented transportation of over 12,000 segments of mammography film and the recycling of over 3 tons of material, directly contributing to the Navy's silver recovery program. In addition, her efforts brought the Radiology department into 100% compliance with Joint commission.

Ordered supplies for new 12-station Radiology room. Liaisoned with Planmecca, radiology supply company, Medical Education and Training Campus, greatly reducing delays due to three programs utilizing one radiology space. Saved 1100 hours in training time. while completing clinical duties in the Department of Radiology Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, Chief Sullivan initiated and contributed to a compendium of summarized journal articles regarding the management and follow-up of incidental findings indentified on radiographic studies.

As advanced Radiologic technologist, Radiology department, Naval Hospital Beaufort, he completed 5,000 diagnostic examinations while maintaining a less than 2% image repeat rate. In addition, HN Charles served as the only HN on the East coast to shoot unsupervised computed tomography studies, completing 89 examinations and saving the command over $20,000.

Hospitalman Rien distinguished herself while assigned to Radiology Department Naval Hospital Lemoore. During a recent shortfall in Admin manning, HN Rien accepted new challenges and volunteered for a workload outside her expertise. She launched herself into these new duties with uncommon enthusiasm. She immediately evaluated the job, set goals, and completed the requirements in less than the allotted time. HN Rien accurately transcribed over 500 diagnostic reports which reduced an increasing backlog of 3 months of Radiological reports. HN Rien stood over 100 hours transcribing patient reports which expedited diagnosis and saved the command $23,765.

Served as LPO for Radiology onboard U.S. Naval Hospital Rota, Spain. Petty Officer Pepsi implemented Quality Assurance tools to evaluate Radiology which lowered the repeat x-ray rate from 9% to 2%. Her observation of repeated exposures led to her creation of a cost effective CT Thoraic/abdominal procedural phantom, instead of using a commercially available mannequin which did not support Contrast studies, saving the command over 47,000 dollars and improving diagnosis. This will improve training and prevent future procedural errors on patients.

He flawlessly performed over 1,776 X-ray, fluoroscopic, and computed tomography procedures with a 95% accuracy rate in support of 48 providers. As command DAPA, he implemented an ADAMS for Supervisors and AWARE tracker, raising training percentages from 79 to 97 percent and resulting in U.S. Naval Hospital Rota, Spain being the second best training percentage in NAVMED East.

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