Religious Program Specialist (RP) Evals

He arranged 66 religious services ensuring 1,100 people had weekly access to spiritual support. He efficiently managed over 2,400 morale care packages, ensuring snacks and personal hygiene products were distributed to 4 locations. He coordinated 19 Religious Ministry Team battlefield movements throughout Helmand Province, safegarding the chaplain for 15 days outside the wire in an arduous combat environment.

Her coordination of many events, including training, outreach, and worship services, greatly impacted morale and comradery on base. She successfully led 7 audits with zero discrepancies and donated over $10,000 dollars to non-profit organizations within the community using the Religious Offering Fund account.

Maintained Navy Chapels on two different bases, allowing for the flawless operation of over 1,000 religious services. As Leading Petty Officer, he mentored and led over 40 joint personnel, handling the stresses of a constant rotation of temporarily assigned duty personnel and a rotating staff.

He strategically crafted a Regiment-wide hip-pocket education program for over 4,000 personnel using small unit training and initiatives performed by 4 battalion chaplains and 5 religious program specialists to directly support the unit Commander's Force Preservation programs.

-21ST CENTURY LEADER. Highly valued Religious Ministries Team member by CPOs/LPOs for her deck-plate visits to 150+ workspaces for 5,000+ Sailors as a conduit for chaplain ministry and to provide mentorship. Conducted base INDOC and Navy Pride & Professionalism training for all new personnel. Actively involved in FCPOA and CPO365.
-PROFESIONALLY FOCUSED. Superbly operated a $175k budget for contractor payroll, supplies/equipment, and travel ensuring the chapel/staff were properly equipped to meet mission requirements. Flawlessly passed five Religious Offering Fund audits; managed $80k+ in non-appropriated funds ensuring all constituents a free exercise of religion and fellowship. Expertly managed chapel spaces overseeing a complex schedule - 684 events (e.g. memorials, weddings, retirements, command briefs) for all tenant commands.
-COMMAND IMPACT. Led three base-wide food drives to meet CNRNW goals in collecting 8,000+ lbs of food for local food banks. Enhanced Morale and promoted improved community relations, she coordinated 8 trail hikes with 213 volunteers to provide a total of 1600+ volunteer hours in essential trail maintenance for the Washington Trails Association

- SUPERB LEADER. LPO of 3 Sailors, his technical expertise, weekly training plan, and mentorship resulted in 66% Departmental advancement, 3-USMAP certs, 1-JSOQ, and 7-NRTC completions. As Staff SPC, he was directly responsible for getting 25 Regional SPC's, Ombudsman's, & AOR Chaplain's qualified as trainers in Applied Intervention Skills Training. As CCC, he conducted 16 CDB's, 2-re-enlistments, 2-retirements, & 3 C-Way APPS.
- SKILLED MANAGER. Created 159 funding documents in support of 175 CREDO retreats/workshops across 10 installations, 7 Countries, & 3 continents for 7,196 personnel. This resulted in meeting the Commander's intent of 100% budget execution ($1.5 million) & enhancing the resiliency of the Fleet, Fighter & Family.
- FORCE MULTIPLIER. Instrumental in procurement of $30K worth of Religious Ministry Supply for NATO's newest Base (Poland). Conducted 110 hours of in-rate TRNG, PO3/PO2 SEL & GMT TRNG to 140 Sailors. As President of the FCPOA he led 62 area FCPO's in 18 events which raising $10.5K to support 15 community local functions. Planned and led 5 CPO 365 training session. Served as board Member for 4-JSOQ boards. Hand selected to spearhead ADM Howard's, Commander CNE-CAN-C6F 'Coin Design Challenge'.

Improved morale as the Religious Program Specialist of Navy Medicine, Washington, DC.

Chief Sims' exceptional resourcefulness and manpower management skills ensured the flawless coordination of the 110 Chaplain and Religious Program Specialist billets throughout Navy Medicine.

His vision for and devotion to meeting the needs of Sailors and Marines contributed greatly to accomplishing the mission of Navy Medicine Pastoral Care.

As staff chaplain at Recruit Training Command, he oversaw a group of 145 culturally and religiously diverse civilian volunteer clergy including Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Latter Day Saints, Muslim, Seventh Day Adventist, and Unitarian whose support provided for the free exercise of religion for all recruits.

He was responsible for the pastoral ministry and care of more than 23,000 recruits and staff members in 6 different recruit barracks during his tenure.

RP1 Canaday developed the revised Suicide Prevention Instruction and then led the Command Indoctrination Program for the HSM Wing Staff.

She provided over 200 combined core values and Initial Arrival briefs to 150 divisions.

During a critical manning shortfall, he assumed responsibility for the recruit convalescent unit in addition to his three assigned recruit barracks and arranged three chaplain PCS transfers, two chaplain IA deployments, and one chaplain's hospitalization and convalescent leave.

In total, he counseled more than 700 troubled recruits from the recruit convalescent unit and dive motivator divisions motivating them to complete their training.

As the only Religious Program Specialist supporting over 2,600 personnel, Chief Sims served as the sole Command Religious Program representive for over 180 days without a Command Chaplain.

Petty Officer Lims implememented the combat sailor reintegration program and served as suicide prevention coordinator.

As command suicide prevention coordinator he provided monthly reports to the commanding officer to identify trends from the data collected and incorporated the Navy's peer to peer training into his core values briefs.

Served as Supervisory Religious Program specialist and provided Chaplain support while Command Chaplain billet was gapped.

RP1 Smith stepped up in the absense of a Command Chaplain and provided support to the HSM wing Staff and squadrons and assisted in the logistical support to one wing squadron during a tragic incident that required ministry support.

Displaying outstanding leadership, proficiency and pastoral care, Chief Parker established a strong foundation of professional chaplaincy ministry and service to thousands of students, staff, and family members, which will benefit the navy for years to come.

Chief Sims consistently displayed exceptional competence, sound judgment, and depth of professional knowledge in the execution of his responsibilities.

He was directly involved in the creation and organization of memorial services for over 100 military and family members.

She collaborated with the senior watch officer and head of the mental health department to revise the suicide response matrix which resulted in better training for recruits and staff during safety stand downs and helped ensure zero suicides during her tenure.

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