Sailorization Eval Comments

His leadership style and impact within his department led to 2 MAPs, 2 advancements, 3 EAWS qualifications, and 2 SOQ.

-SAILOR DRIVEN. Provided 1,500 hours of mentorship resulting in 3 SOQs, 1 Meritorious advancement, and 3 EAWS. Challenges all Sailors to be better and inspires them to grow every day in and out of the workspace.

-SAILORIZATION AND TRAINING. As SAPR VA and UH Indoc Coordinator, he facilitated six UH INDOC & SAPR trainings for 235 Sailors leading to 95% accountability for (COMMAND) and enhanced Sexual Assault awareness. As PII Coordinator, he conducted 8 trainings on proper handling procedures scoring 100% on the two inspections. As command Financial Specialist he conducted 3 financial screenings and educated 27 Sailors on the Blended Retirement System.

Petty Officer Fox's experience and leadership were critical in effectively supervising a technically diverse team of 35 Sailors and civilian personnel in providing outstanding support for patient care to four clinics. Promoting sailorization, he participated in several JSOY, JSOQ, and ranking boards, submitting five packages yielding three selections.

Additionally, his proactive approach to MENTORSHIP and Sailorization resulted in five SAILORS being advanced to the next PAYGRADE, five CERTCOMs, 25 Career Development Boards and 30 successful Career Waypoint applications.

MA1 Nelson's commitment to sailorization led to 16 Sailors advancing to the next pay grades, two Blue Jackets of the Quarter, and three patrolmen of the month selections.

SAILORIZATION - Actively involved in the ESWS program, he facilitated 5 formal lectures on Combat Systems and Operations while providing one on one training to over 20 Core Crew, Mission Package, and Air Detachment personnel, greatly enhancing the Navy's Surface Warfare Program. Qualified five ESWS Warriors during the first three months of deployment.

Her excellent leadership as a course supervisor aided in the sailorization of 197 students at IC "C" school, as well as facilitating an unrivaled technical competency.

Petty Officer Hirosaki was instrumental in Sailorization by preparing 14 conversion packages, seven budget reviews, and certifying more than 30 personnel in their EXW qualification.

Her proactive approach to mentorship and sailorization resulted in four sailors' advancement, a 96% retention rate, and 75% college enrollments.

TRAINING, MENTORING, and SAILORIZATION. He directly supervised the mentoring of five CPOs and 13 PO1s in Chief Petty Officer and Petty Officer Leadership developmental growth.

Petty Officer Navy was instrumental in the Sailorization of 600 accession Sailors, assisting them in critical decision making skills and enforcing military standards. In addition, his efforts resulted in the Master Training Specialist qualification for 33 instructors and the flawless execution of 36 command graduations of 1,865 multiservice members. Additionally, he coordinated 12 mock physical fitness assessments for the Department.

He directly improved the NOSC's ability to maintain Esprit de Corps and morale by supporting initiatives such as CPO365 and Petty Officer Selectee Indoc. He supported these initiatives with the support of 7 Instructors, providing 19,000 man-hours of direct support to more than 600 students and the NOSC, facilitating future Sailorization and growth in the Navy.

Demonstrating unparalleled leadership and mentorship, he ensured the highest standards of professionalism and readiness. He enforced impartial oversight of 50 Career Development Boards for reporting Sailors and Sailorization sustainment, resulting in two base Blue Jackets of the Quarter and one Junior Sailor of the Year. Proactive in promoting higher education, he increased off-duty education from 30% to 70%.

Played a significant role in the success and effectiveness of the unit by training, developing, and transforming over 300 civilians into United States Marines ensuring only the best and most highly trained personnel move on to the fleet Marine Corps.

-Dedicated to the developmemt of Sailors. Her energetic mentoring of 11 Sailors resulted in 4 advancements, 8 EAWS and 2 EAWS requalifications while 90% of her work center is either enrolled in college classes or professional development courses.

SAILOR DEVELOPMENT. Facilitated proper watch standing PQS training for the duty section and departmental electrical safety stand down training to 11 officers, 10 CPOS, 12 PO1s, and 97 E-5 and below which contributed to qualifying four OODs, seven POOWs, 16 MOOWs and led to zero electrical safety casualties, increased readiness, and improved situational awareness. Conducted advancement tips training with all E3-E5 NWAE participants.

His dynamic leadership, energizing presence, and personal commitment to technical mastery and sailor development had major impacts on Mustinís ability to sustain a high state of engineering and personnel readiness while meeting complex real world mission requirements, further enhancing Mustin's reputation as the premier multi-function platform in the U.S. Seventh Fleet Area of Responsibility.

His extraordinary dedication and commitment to mission and Sailor development directly led to significant improvements in Small Arms and Crew-Served weapons qualifications for the crew.

His exceptional leadership and devotion to Sailor development resulted in 85 percent advancement and 90 percent retention.

Showing natural leadership and managerial skills, she led over 40 Sailors through various successful evolutions to include Tycom Material Inspection, INSURV, Communications Assessment, seven multi-national exercises and three Ship's Restricted Availabilities.

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