Sterile Processing Department Evals

Leading Petty Officer, Main Operating Room, U.S. Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms. HM2 Quesodia performed her duties in a superior manner. Her professional knowledge coupled with her exceptional leadership ability was vital in managing 11 Surgical Technicians during over 1,300 procedures. She successfully managed an optar of 1.2 million dollars annually and oversaw the research and procurement of multiple upgrades to the sterile processing department, greatly increasing the ability to clean and sterilize surgical instruments and to track consumable supplies.

Developed a new surgical pack, the "Trauma Pack" in collaboration with AVID Medical for the orthopedic service. HM2 Borne's insight and ingenuity in creating this "benchmark" pack saved the Navy over $30,000 annually and drastically reduced turnover times for all trauma cases by eliminating the need to open 29 additional items for each incident. Coordinated with Orthopedic and General Surgery Trauma Surgeons and oversaw the creation of 12 Universal Trauma Instrument Sets, which resulted in a 50% reduction in the number of surgical sets required for trauma procedures and improved the availability of surgical instruments and decreased the sterile processing department workload by 50%.

Petty Officer Nueva established Navy medicine's flagship Sterile Processing Department, in partnership with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. His expertise and involvement led to high quality healthcare for 22,000 patients in the Main Operating Room and 33 clinics. His diligent commitment to standards led him to conduct training for over 300 staff, improving the safety, efficiency, and quality of healthcare provided at NHCP.

An exceptional second shift NCO and motivator, she consistently set competitive standards for 5 sailors, 1 soldier and 2 civilian contractors and provided the necessary guidance to help them accomplish the mission and their professional goals.

20 volunteer hours as Funeral Honors Detail 12, 24, 27 Nov 2016

Assisted as LPO/NCO for the Command Sponsorship Program and sponsored 2 new sailors for the Sterile Processing Department.

Competence on the assembly of 450 surgical instruments and trays

Completed 39 hours of in-service training for the Main Operating Room

Completed 40 hours in-service training for the Sterile Processing Department

Created and edited 60 Censitrac count sheets for surgical instruments and trays

Dedicated 80 hours study assistance for 3 sailors, provided advancement resources for the Navy Wide Advancement Exam, and facilitated the advancement of 2 Sailors to HM2

Exceptional Assistant Staff Duty Officer. Responded to 13 emergency calls for triage and referral to the Primary Care Manager for consultation

Guided 2 junior enlisted sailors on brag sheet writing with reference to the NAVFIT98a instruction.

Attended a 4-day Enlisted Advancement Course in preparation for the Navy Wide Advancement Examination.

Qualified on operation of 16 SPD Decontamination and Sterilization Equipment, reported equipment issues, allowing 99% turnover of repair requests

Received an individual TEMADD deployment order for 6 months as an Individual Augmentee in support of Expeditionary Medical Facility, Camp Lemonier Horn of Africa

Scheduled Hospital Corpsman Skills Basic validation classes for four junior enlisted sailors at the Ft Belvoir Education Center.

Verified 2,300 Quality Assurance Checks out of 5,001 surgical instruments processed for sterilization and Plasma Sterrad, yielding an impressive 80% expertise in instrument assembly

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