How to Write a FITREP

Directions for Chiefs Evaluation & Counseling Form

The Summary

Just as the introduction (first one or two lines of the FitRep) was a masterpiece of concise expression, the summary must sum up the impression the writer is trying to convey. Normally, one or two lines are used at the bottom of the Comments on Performance block to tie up the loose ends.

  1. Introduction: two or three lines for the rater to describe the ratee's performance and character.
  2. The introduction should describe aspects of character not readily apparent from accomplishments.
  3. Introduction/accomplishment
  4. accomplishment
  5. accomplishment
  6. accomplishment
  7. accomplishment
  8. accomplishment
  9. accomplishment
  10. accomplishment
  11. accomplishment
  12. accomplishment
  13. accomplishment
  14. accomplishment
  15. accomplishment
  16. accomplishment
  17. accomplishment/Summary
  18. Summary: one or two lines used to summarize the ratee's performance and make a promotion statement.

Summary Statement Examples

More examples of FitRep Closing Comments and Recommendations

As you can see, the summary isn't an accomplishment. It's a statement describing how the supervisor views the ratee. And the promotion statement is more or less a tradition and required.

If a promotion statement isn't included in the Summary, it indicates that the rater doesn't think the person should be promoted and is subtly communicating that fact to any future reviewer. If deserved, the promotion statement should be included because it is expected.


Many units insist on stratification. This is usually done within the Introduction. But, if you had something else in mind for that opening introduction and just couldn't shoehorn it in, you can squeeze it into the summary line.

Sample Stratification/ Summary Statements:

You shouldn't make more than one stratification statement. If you already made a stratification statement in the introductory line, don't do it again here.

Examples can be contributed using this form. Thanks!