Yard Boss Evals

As the Yard Boss, he ensured the day-to-day repair and dispatch of more than 40 individual pieces of CESE. He seamlessly stepped into the roles of dispatcher, vehicle trainer, and repair mechanic, taking the initiative without solicitation, while ensuring the timely dissemination up the Chain of Command of any shop requirements for repair parts, tools, or equipment. CE1 quickly learned the role of dispatcher, dispatching more than 100 individual items, while also filling the role of Yard Boss, ensuring the safe operation of vehicles within the command maintenance yard.

Assigned as Alfa Company Yard Boss, EO1 managed 112 pieces of CESE and provided training to 15 personnel which resulted in licenses on 16 pieces of construction CESE. In addition to his assigned duties, he supervised 13 projects to include increased perimeter and ECP security for Life Support Area Kuwait which saved the Air Force $700K and building the perimeter security for the Army Patriot Missile Site.

Filled the role of Yard Boss, ensuring the safe operation of vehicles within the command maintenance yard. His selfless leadership ensured the continuation of the licensing program under austere conditions, improving mission readiness and command capability to perform at a moment's notice. CE1 also stepped into the role of Fuel Handling Technician, employing his out-of-rate knowledge and expertise of Bulk Fuels to supervise and operate in the fuel delivery operation during the COPE NORTH international joint exercise, delivering thousands of gallons of fuel to aircraft and CESE over 14 days, providing operational capability in remote locations.

CM2 took on the responsibilities of ALFA dispatcher and yard boss. He ensured that R-1s and vehicle checkout procedures were followed and done in accordance with NCG 1 procedures. This included tracking miles/hrs used per piece of CESE and fuel usage. He was also, responsible for the upkeep of the ALFA yard and proper staging of equipment during non-working hours. His 3M 301 instruction led to more than 20 personnel receiving their qualification. He was also instrumental in the ALFA licensing program, administering 18 license exams, and creating a tracker that tracked training hours per piece of CESE per person on the job. He spent countless hours training personnel on equipment in the project IRT. By doing so he also qualified on the MTVR Fuel truck, water truck and roller. He also cross-trained, learning as much as he could of the EA rate. He spent more than 20 hours shooting grade and setting grade stakes for various projects. After working hours, he helped to coordinate and co-instruct more than 10 hours of SCWS classes.

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