Navy EVAL/ChiefEval Opening Comments

Assignment to the Navy's most challenging and critical billets is based on the information contained in your evaluation so it's very important that it be accurate and fully describe performance and ability. The success of the Navy's mission depends on it. To emphasize a candidate's readiness for increased responsibility, the introductory lines must describe the subject's best qualities, his integrity, loyalty, and leadership ability. This subjective description of the subject by his or her rater is very important. It's the first thing the reviewer reads and sets the tone for the whole Evaluation. Make sure it has the impact that catches the reviewer's attention. Competition for the Navy's top billets is fierce; choose your words carefully.


reported onboard and immediately transformed his division to highly productive customer service onboard

Leads the most effective Chief Petty Officer mess. Routinely mentors and develops highly effective leaders that ensure mission success and Sailor development.

Chief Blank is an absolute top performer in all areas.


Outstanding Chief Petty Officer! His phenomenal performance as Command Career Counselor and Retention Team leader instrumental in the command's selection for the CINCPACFLT 1999 Retention Excellence Award and earning two consecutive places on the COMNAVAIRPAC Quarterly Retention Honor Roll.

My number 1 of 5 exceptional Chief Petty Officers! Redefines the standard of excellence. Promote to Senior Chief NOW!

Brilliant Leader and Motivator. His enthusiasm, energy and committment to the professional development of command personnel have been exemplary. His extensive knowledge of Navy programs has proven invaluable in over 140 Professional Development Boards. Managing the advancement process, he flawlessly administered the Navy-wide exam to 77 personnel that resulted in a 41 percent command advancement rate.

Chief Petty Officer Smith is a brilliant leader and manager. His dedicated example and strong influence with his subordinates doubled capacity delivered over last deployment.

A capable and dedicated Petty Officer, he always exercises sound judgement and has displayed strong leadership potential. Continuously reviews actions and strives for improvement of his section. Groom for future position of responsibility.

SUPERB CHIEF PETTY OFFICER! Hands-down my number one Chief Petty Officer in the mess! Energetic, dedicated leader whose performance always exceeds my highest expectations.

My nominee for promotion under the Combat Meritorious Advancement Program. Promote this warrior now!

CPO Pozzi is an enthusiastic, dedicated CPO. She has quickly transitioned from a maintenance background to her new staff duties

My best CPO. Developed a hearty Chief's Mess that restored Navy tradition and pride. PROMOTE TO SCPO NOW!

Absolute TOP NOTCH in every respect. The only E-6 to attain the title of Senior Watch Officer, a leader in whom I place extraordinary trust!

My best CIC Watch Supervisor! Developed and maintained an efficient and motivated watch characterized by professionalism and pride. PROMOTE TO CHIEF NOW!

Dependable, motivated, and trustworthy--a SCPO with the courage to manage without visible support

PO1 Dooney is a highly qualified PO; directly responsible for uptime rate of over 99% on all strategic communications links; exceeded stringent DISA standards

Highly skilled and dedicated professional, performs far beyond expectations; an outstanding asset to the unit

Outstanding PO. Crisp military bearing and appearance. Exceeds standards in military courtesies, fitness, and job performance.

Phenomenal professional. His unmatched level of knowledge and experience in personnel and administration freed the XO to concentrate on other areas.

Petty Officer Barker is a self-starter and inspirational leader. Strong moral fiber, respected by subordinates and superiors. A true professional in every sense of the word.

Without equal. My most productive CPO who met high standards, he maintained outstanding rapport with squadron, servicing PSD, and support commands.

The right hand to the XO, he was selected by squadron to train and mentor another ship’s Leading YN.

Petty Officer Smith is a superlative example of a second class Petty Officer. He is an ambitious self-starter who sustains a high level of motivation and resourcefulness in his performance. He demonstrates a mature and personal concern in his work with students, assisting them with career and advancement information and studies.

Highly skilled and dedicated professional, performs far beyond expectations; an outstanding asset to the unit

Outstanding PO. Crisp military bearing and appearance. Exceeds standards in military courtesies, fitness, and job performance.

The second ranked Chief on board, Chief O'Toole is a model for the Navy's commitment to pride, professionalism, and personal excellence. He is ranked 2 of 7 superb Chief Petty Officers on board. Whatever the mission, he can be counted on to lead the winning team. Takes every task in stride, demonstrating daily that any job can be completed correctly, efficiently, and effectively.

This PO achieves optimal levels of performance & accomplishment with lasting results--PROMOTE TO CPO!

PROVEN ABILITY. I have observed him serving as Chief of the Boat, both at sea and in port, and his performance clearly demonstrates that he is ready now for assignment to this demanding billet.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Smith is an impressive and influential leader and manager. Totally dedicated to mission accomplishment and a team player with a natural ability to inspire and motivate military personnel.

SCPO Smitty is the epitome of a highly motivated Senior CPO in appearance, knowledge and performance

IT1 Charming has earned his reputation of skill and reliability; he impresses his peers and inspires his subordinates and I have entrusted him with the Fleet's most critical programs

PO Jenkins is a highly skilled member and motivated Seaman; a valuable asset to the unit and the Navy's mission. Promote.

Absolutely TOP NOTCH sailor, YN1 Smith is a leader in whom I place extraordinary trust! Efficient and perceptive CIC Watch Supervisor! Managed a seasoned watch team responsible for defense of ship and personnel. He maintained an atmosphere of trust and cooperation and coordinated efforts of key personnel to establish interlocking redundancy and teamwork; promises survival and success; best CIC in 2nd Fleet!

First-class PO whose can-do attitude and ceaseless determination are contagious. An excellent role model

Absolutely superior Petty Officer; excelled in job performance, community service and leadership--promote at once

My number 2 of 4 extremely talented Petty Officers - performance is indistinguishable from my #1. PROMOTE TO E-7 NOW!

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