FitRep/ChiefEval Opening Comments

Assignment to the Navy's most challenging and critical billets is based on the information contained in your evaluation so it's very important that it be accurate and fully describe performance and ability. The success of the Navy's mission depends on it. To emphasize a candidate's readiness for increased responsibility, the introductory lines must describe the subject's best qualities, his integrity, loyalty, and leadership ability. This subjective description of the subject by his or her rater is very important. It's the first thing the reviewer reads and sets the tone for the whole Evaluation. Make sure it has the impact that catches the reviewer's attention. Competition for the Navy's top billets is fierce; choose your words carefully.

SCPO Wilson is the epitome of a highly motivated Senior CPO in appearance, knowledge and performance

Outstanding Chief Petty Officer. Highly motivated. Goal-oriented. Fostered excellent teamwork within his division resulting in unparalleled efficiency. Anticipates potential obstacles and takes decisive action. He has made a significant impact on squadron operational readiness and safety. Performing as a Senior Chief Petty Officer. Promote now.

An outstanding Chief Petty Officer with a long record of superior leadership, diligence, and productivity.

Exceptional Chief Petty Officer who displays exceptional leadership and motivation. Hand-selected to serve as both Electrical Branch CPO and Day Shift Maintenance Control Supervisor.

#1 of 3 OUTSTANDING CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS DESPITE SHORT TIME ONBOARD --AN IMPACT TEAM PLAYER! Selected over peers to serve as Auxiliary Division LCPO for newly-commissioned Arleigh Burke class destroyer

A true professional. Produces accurate and timely results. His computer and network expertise was sought after daily by peers and Supervisors.

SUPERB CHIEF PETTY OFFICER! Hands-down my number one Chief Petty Officer in the mess! Energetic, dedicated leader whose performance always exceeds my highest expectations.

Excellent technical abilities; motivated and self-confident seaman; consistently performs high quality work

A dynamic and highly motivated leader. Aggressively tackled the most demanding assignments, completing them with exceptional results. Outstanding leadership, managerial skills and an unusually high level of professional competence have contributed significantly to the unit's high state of readiness.

Highly skilled member and motivated CPO; valuable asset to the unit and vital to Navy mission--PROMOTE!

Petty Officer Parker's performance, both militarily and professionally, is nothing short of outstanding. Displays keen interest in work. Contributes full measure to any task, willingly accepts added responsibility. He has my strongest possible recommendation for advancement to Petty Officer Second Class.

A task-oriented, conscientious SCPO--his efforts lead to increasing workcenter efficiency and effectiveness

My nominee for promotion under the Combat Meritorious Advancement Program. Promote this warrior now!

Top-notch technical abilities key to mission sucess, ready for increased supervisory responsibility. Promote!

Absolutely TOP NOTCH sailor, XXXXXXX is a leader in whom I place extraordinary trust!


Corey has impressed me from day one and I now know he is the best Flag Sec I have ever worked with. He is the Flag Secretary we all hope for - he is that good.
- OUTSTANDING ADMIN LDO. Executed over 100 3/4-star level correspondence and tasking items in support of NAVEUR/NAVAF/C6F and SFN operations. He can operate at any level. He seamlessly liaised across higher echelons and integrated directorates during a period of extremely high OPTEMPO.
- EXCEPTIONAL MANAGER. Makes this Flag Staff better every day. Ensures a seamless flow of information throughout the Headquarters. Clearly the admin expert, but also a master of the business of the Navy - understands the system and the rules and makes things happen.
- BRILLIANT LEADER. Remarkable productivity, efficiency, and enthusiasm are an inspiration to the entire command. A remarkable mentor, his counsel and expertise are sought-out by junior personnel, senior staff, and multiservice/multinational staff leaders.


Senior Chief Petty Officer Smith is an outstanding leader and manager. Totally dedicated to mission accomplishment and a team player with a natural ability to inspire and motivate military personnel.

IT1 Smith has been a valuable asset to the EUCOM J6 directorate while deployed to Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany in support of the GWOT. He was hand-picked for a critical and arduous deployment to Kosovo to supervise operations there.

Petty Officer Noonan is an industrious, conscientious, and highly motivated first class who exhibits the highest degree of professionalism in accomplishing all tasks. Goal-oriented, he demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and remarkable ability to plan, manage, and administer. Continually striving for personal growth, Petty Officer Noonan has established himself as a valuable asset to the Combined Bachelor Quarters.

SN Jones has excellent technical abilities; a motivated and self-confident seaman; consistently performs high quality work

Chief Petty Officer Smith's performance in every aspect has been of the highest caliber. He is an invaluable manager, counselor, and source of knowledge in all technical areas.

Outstanding and welcome addition to my CPO mess. In just 3 months he has made a huge impact on the CPO mess throughout DISA-EUR. Not ranked higher solely due to time onboard

Senior Chief Petty Officer Smith's inspirational leadership permeates my command. The deep respect he receives from all hands is evidence of his superlative qualities of leadership, integrity, and professional knowledge. His example has fostered unparalleled productivity and esprit de corps

Top quality performer with unparalleled potential and solid CPO attributes; promote to Chief ahead of peers!

PO Smith is a top performer. Unlimited potential. Totally professional, poised, mature, and dedicated. He has consistently executed the weighty responsibilities of Watch Officer with fervor, determination, and overall success. Continually striving for personal growth, he rapidly qualified as Watch Officer.

Petty Officer Parker is a top performer with unlimited potential and totally professional, poised, mature, and dedicated. His ability to demonstrate a strong, functional knowledge of Front Desk responsibilities has resulted in his rapid qualification as Front Desk Clerk. CS3 Parker's ability to achieve optimal levels of personal accomplishments led him to be nominated for Sailor of the Quarter.

Outstanding Seaman with can-do attitude--always willing to take on more challenging tasks with greater responsibility

Chief Smith is a clear leader of my department who makes excellence look routine. Has that rare quality to prudently anticipate the unexpected. Exceptional planner who runs my watch with the class and vision of a much senior Chief Petty Officer.

OUTSTANDING PO who is scorching the competition. A true leader. Strive to develop a cohesive Chief's Mess that focuses on the commands success. PROMOTE TO CHIEF NOW!

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