Resiliency Team Member

As a Command Resiliency Team member, she/he conducted command climate surveys and focus groups for XXX Sailors to foster an atmosphere of acceptance and compliance with the Navy's Equal Opportunity program.

Team Lead for the Command Resilience Team, conducted six focus groups, and dedicated over 150hrs reviewing data from the climate survey, generating an extensive report used to determine 2019 action items to improve morale, resolve process deficiencies, promote equal opportunity, and increase overall command climate.

As a Command Resiliency Team member, IT2 conducted interviews and led five focus groups focusing on organizational effectiveness, equal opportunity, and sexual assault response and prevention.

As a member of the Command Resiliency Team, he helped to improve the perception of equal opportunity throughout the Command coordinating three focus groups interviewing multiple Command personnel.

PO Clark initiated and implemented a ground breaking weekly resiliency program with topics on suicide prevention, anger, and stress management. Also, as a skilled counselor, he spent over 100 hours counseling and mentoring individuals in a challenging environment to maintain their operational readiness.

As Religious Program Specialist assistant, he assisted with the coordination and organization of three retreats for ?? warfighters and their families, fostering positive family support, spiritual readiness and resiliency. In addition, he tirelessly coordinated Safetalk and Assist classes for ?? personnel, better equipping the department of defense with first responders against suicide.

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