Medical Advisor Evals

Senior Enlisted Medical Advisor for Naval Special Warfare Group Three. Seamlesssly handled command level medical issues throughout his tenure, leading 43 Independent Duty Dive Medical Corpsmen and ensuring 100 percent qualifications and certifications were maintained.

As Medical Advisor for Operation Bearing Duel, he conducted training for Seabees in litter bearer techniques, combat lifesaving, CASEVAC, and CBR response. His efforts significantly increased the unit's ability to triage and MEDEVAC patients which resulted in in an overall outstanding grade during the assessment phase. Also managed a budget of $2,400,000, funding over 5000 ADT/IDTT orders in support of NMCB 23's Reserve Fleet Forces Readiness and Training.

Chief medical advisor in the Faryab Province of Northern Afghanistan. Risked his own life to bring aid to wounded Marines and Afghan civilians during a five-hour fire fight between Naval Special Forces, Marines from 1/6, and Taliban fighters.

Petty Officer Castor is recommended for the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for outstanding service in the performance of his duties while serving as Afghan National Army Company Level Medical Advisor, Sick Call Supervisor, and RBE Medical LPO for 3rd battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division. Petty Officer Castor distinguished himself through the following significant accomplishments:

- Served as the company medical advisor to the Afghan National Army (ANA) and was instrumental in the development of the Afghan National Army medics within the company. HM1 Castor's advice and mentorship enabled them to learn, train, and sustain their own medics. Recognizing a critical lack in the ANA medical ability to conduct sick-call procedures, HM1 Castor developed and executed a comprehensive plan which transitioned sick call to an ANA-led function.

- During the absence of the senior NCO, HM1 Castor helped maintain logistics statistics, supply and consumptions and updated the officer-in-charge daily. He not only maintained gear and accountability, he assumed the role of a tactical instructor and taught and mentored Afghan soldiers on individual infantry skills and procedures. His efforts resulted in a measurable increase in professionalism and efficiency in the Afghan soldiers' daily performance.

- HM1 Castor participated in the company-sized Operation GRIDLOCK. Prior to the operation, he advised Afghan soldiers on how to conduct personnel searches and proper detainee handling procedures. Also participated in Operation Hand of the Tiger, a company-sized operation that the Afghan Army planned and executed. He ensured each Afghan squad was equipped with the proper medical gear, conducted remedial CLS training, and prepared the Afghan medics.

- Assigned as Sick Call Supervisor, he was responsible for the daily operation and patient movement of the Battalion Aid Station, supporting nine providers and supervising 42 corpsmen. Used professional experience and knowledge to make judgements on the best medical care for the patient under the circumstances. HM1 Castor assisted over 3,000 patients with routine sick call, urgent care, emergency care, patient education, follow up care, triage, and minor procedures with 100% satisfaction.

- Conducted more than 60 advisor patrols, 10 partnered operations with Afghan units, and six independent operations with Afghan units. As an advisor on each of these, he ensured the development and stability of an independent Afghan Army by exceeding the expectations as a medical advisor and performing outside of his billet description.

- Operating outside of his job description, HM1 Castor coordinated and ran two battalion shot-ex and medical stand downs, increasing medical readiness from 45% to 70%. HM1 Castor also ran three days of PDHRA stand down for the battalion and completed 100% of the PDHRA in support of six providers.

- Advised independent Afghan squads during two heliborne operations. In preparation for each 72-hour operation, HM1 Castor conducted classes with Afghan soldiers to refresh their combat lifesaving skills. He ensured the Afghan medic in the squad was prepared to sustain himself and respond to any significant actions or injuries during each 72-hour operation.

- As Medical Liaison, HM1 Castor was responsible for 13 Corpsmen and 270 Marines. HM1 Castor was also responsible for the successful medical turnover with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines and organizing the movement to the Regimental Aid Station. He coordinated over 30 final physicals, 50 PHAs, over 100 immunizations, and 110 influenza immunizations to increase medical readiness from 85% to 92%.

- In addition to the individual soldiers he mentored, HM1 Castor assisted in advising Afghan squad leaders during Afghan-lead classes. In total, he taught and advised over 40 classes, including Combat Life Saving, triage, weapons handling and employment, improvised explosive device detection tactics, and detainee handling for over 100 Afghan soldiers.

- Assigned to India Company, 1st platoon where he was responsible for 35 Marines and supported, educated, and mentored them in all medical related activities. Petty Officer Castor treated 10 cold-weather related injuries during the cold weather Bridgeport.

- Completed Mountain Medicine Training Course and assisted the Medical Officer during the battalion summer package at Mountain Warfare Training Center for over 800 Marines and assisted in treating 16 urgent patients during the process.

- HM1 Castor treated 17 Marines, 26 ANA soldiers, and 52 local nationals with various injuries and illnesses in the absense of a medical provider.

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