Physical Health Assessment Coordinator

During a 4-month deployment timeframe, HM2 Kane quickly identified those personnel delinquent in immunizations and coordinated a total of five shot calls resulting in the administration of over 30 Anthrax vaccinations, 3 Smallpox vaccinations, as well as 40 overdue Physical Health Assessments. His proficiency in this area improved and facilitated the process of updating medical readiness enabling the NAVELSG-FWD to maintain an average medical readiness of 95% from three months prior to deployment to the present.

As Physical Health Assessment (PHA) coordinator, Naval Branch Health Clinic Key West, Florida, Petty Officer Lemming's consistent work ethic resulted in the increase of medical readiness from 88.5 to 98.2 percent, the highest in Naval Hospital Jacksonville (NHJAX) Enterprise.

As the Readiness Coordinator, he organized and supervised 11 shot exercises with the administration of 367 immunizations, 303 Physical Health Assessments, and 44 audiograms, and ensured the scheduling of 120 medical and dental exams. His efforts positively impacted the command by successfully increasing the MAG-50 readiness from 35% to 97%.

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