Cryptology Eval Examples

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Cryptologic Technician - Interpretive (CTI)

Cryptologic Technician - Maintenance (CTM)

Cryptologic Technician - Networks (CTN)

Cryptologic Technician - Collection (CTR)

Cryptologic Technician - Technical (CTT)

Information Systems Technician (IT)


- SKILLED TECHNICIAN. Completed over 1100 trouble calls increasing the efficiency of Shipwide Area Network (SWAN) while deployed to 5th and 6th Fleet AOR. Integral during GIG-E network upgrade, he expended over 200 hours restoring vital user data backups, relocating 18 servers and 30 workstations; providing unparalleled support to 300 Sailors.

- CAPABLE TECHNICIAN. Processed over 1200 naval messages ensuring data integrity and availability with zero discrepancies. Successfully established, troubleshot and maintained 25 time sensitive voice and data circuits directly contributing to continuous fleet communications and mission readiness. Qualified EHF Operator increasing wachteam knowledge and flexibility while deployed. PFA 11-2 DEP/OP
- PROACTIVE VOLUNTEER. Assumed the responsibilities as ACFL, devoted 35 hours leading over 20 departmental PT sessions, directly resulting in a 100% pass rate.
- EXEMPLARY SAILOR. Always maintains a smart military appearance, presents outstanding in her uniform and sets a standard for junior Sailors to emulate.


- TECHNICAL MANAGER. Routinely served as Team Lead, supervising 10 Sailors conducting forensic investigations. Processed 35 malware and 22 forensic analysis requests, and imaged 4 terabytes of evidence. Contributed 60 hours revising Malware Analyst JQR, incorporating system upgrades and new technologies. Reviewed and released 97 COMTENTHFLT Forensic Summary Reports, identifying malicious indicators and providing incident response. Provided 400 man-hours of advanced malware analysis and forensics training to 31 Sailors.
- FITNESS LEADER. Led 78 Sailors in completing 17 Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP) sessions, 3 command PT sessions, and 3 Physical Fitness Assessments (PFA). Actions removed 8 Sailors from FEP, and contributed to 100% divisional and 98.5% command PFA pass rate.
- COMMAND ADVOCATE. Managed $70k training budget for 28 division Sailors, and tracked division training requirements for 32 personnel, ensuring 100% completion. Command sponsor for 1 newly reporting Sailor and active Junior Sailor Association member.


As Assistant Cryptologic Resource Coordinator expertly managed all facets of cryptologic doctrine, manning, equipment, and daily mission tasking for CTF-XX during two squadron deployments. Maintained command's cryptologic website providing instant access to CXF mission requirements, tasking orders, and maintenance reports. Unparalleled attention to detail directly resulted in XX successful EP-3 Sensitive Reconnaissance missions in CXFLT.

Dedicated over 1000 hours to managing 24 high priority electronic intelligence requests for information in support of globally deployed NSW Forces.

-METICULOUSLY DETAILED. Maintained watch logs, created and updated ENMS trouble tickets accounting for over 20 hours of troubleshooting in addition to inventory accountability for 53 publications and accounting for over 300 cryptographic equipment line items resulting in his watch team having 100% accountabilty.

Proven analyst and accomplished operator. Her tenacious work ethic and dedication to mission resulted in the collection, analysis, and dissemination of 1,234 communications signals of interest ISO USS NEVER SAIL Strike Group operations while deployed on two FDNF combatants. Efforts resulted in timely and accurate analysis of the communications signals environment for tactical decision makers.

Coordinated the installation of 846 RAM modules into 423 SIPR and NIPR computer work stations. Her meticulous efforts resulted in a COST AVOIDANCE OF $84,600!

- His skillful participation and oversight during 12 Joint Maritime Tactics Courses, 15 Group Commander training events, and 11 Fleet Synthetic Training exercises provided the highest quality training for hundreds of fleet officers and sailors and contributed substantially to fleet operational readiness.

- Identified the need for and developed the comprehensive AOR briefing which provided newly arriving members a road map to success and reduced attrition due to illness or injuries by 50%

Implemented an aggressive training program which resulted in 100% completion of 12 mandatory instructor-led GMTs along with 33 NKO courses, and 4 ORM supervisory courses.

Petty Officer Winters and his team devoted more than 200 man-hours to the coordination, installation, maintenance and certification of 5 IWDSE equipment suites on board a U.S. Fleet Forces Command combatant.

Developed a robust crypological cross-training program that made it possible for all MSC analysts to provide a fused intelligence picture to the Warfighter.

As new EKMS Chief, reorganized and developed inventories for over 120 items of crypto which simplified use in preparation for the ISIC inspection after which CNE Det Mast was recognized as the top performing team at NAS Sigonella.

Senior Chief readied the command to be the first to successfully integrate Intelligence Specialists into Digital Network Intelligence and Computer Network Defense mission areas, an improvement adopted by NIOCs across the Fleet Cyber Command Domain.

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