Supply (CS, LS, PC, SH, SK)

Culinary Specialist (CS)

Logistic Specialist/Support (LS)

Postal Clerk (PC)

Ship's Serviceman (SH)

Storekeeper (SK)

Navy Travel Poster


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As the Naval Warfare Publications Library (NWPL) Petty Officer, he was responsible for a total of 337 secret pieces of material. Twenty six of these materials were new and had to be meticulously processed in and 89 of them had to be properly destroyed or sent to NSA. He tediously managed the inventory of 6 DETs, which included the turn-over process of 108 secret items. He improved the NWPL pass down binder including step-by-step instructions on how to properly ship materials to the NSA. Due to this exceptional maintenance of inventory the NWPL program experienced zero security breaches.

SPOT-ON-ADMINISTRATOR! As a Recordskeeper, he attained 100% validity maintaining in excess $250k in receipts and expenditures, during the recent SMC; contributing to the Food Service Division achieving an overall Outstanding score of 97% and the ship receiving Supply/ Logistics Blue "E" Excellence Award.

FINANCIAL EXPERT - As the Financial Manager he ensured the ship's OPTAR valued at over $4 million dollars was properly executed in accordance with TYCOM directives. As the single Subject Matter Expert, he was instrumental to the flawless financial closeout of Fiscal Year 2011 while playing a vital role in supply's 1.4 Afloat Training Team inspections resulting in a passing grade of %85.

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