Command Involvement Statements

- COMMAND INVOLVEMENT. Spearheaded Sailor 360, created 8 topics and oversaw successful instruction to develop 360 Sailors. Additionally, she organized seminars for 6 commands in USMAP, Reserve Recruiting Briefs, and CDTC 72 personnel empowering Sailors to better control and manage their own careers. As MWR Vice President, led 5 fundraising events totaling $1,600. Conducted 2 JSOQ and SOQ boards.

EXCEPTIONAL COMMAND INVOLVEMENT. As ACFL led 7 FEP sessions and 549 Sailors through PFA 12-2 and 13-1 resulting in a 99% PFA pass rate. As DAPA facilitated 381 hours of alcohol prevention material at 6 Command indoctrinations to 127 Sailors leading to a 43% reduction in drug and alcohol incidents from FY12 to FY13. Ensured 100% contact and raised $19,000 in support as the Command CFC representative. In addition, as a CAT member, assisted in 2 Command Equal Opportunity Assessments.

Exemplary achievement and service in patient care, command involvement, and mission success while serving at BHC Dam Neck. HN Hunter's efforts reflect the maturity and accomplishment expected of an HM2. His efforts with NCQA, the FEP program, and in his daily service to patient care facilitated the clinic's success.

-COMMAND INVOLVEMENT. As CFS, she provided quality financial counseling and training to 12 Sailors. She also arranged and instructed a total of 13 CPR classes to ensure 166 personnel were properly trained in the proper application of CPR/AED.

As a recreational board member, he spearheaded command involvement and coordination in weekly fundraising, raising over $20,000 for the command holiday party. A pillar of the community, he dedicated 100 hours to the Big Brother Big Sister program and 100 personal hours to coaching members of the community in physical activities.

-COMMAND INVOLVEMENT. His managerial skills lead to improvements within the Weapons Department and facilitated the successful completion of over 30 Tactical Ships and Weapons Readiness Assessments and 10 underway limiting repairs. As an STSC Command Duty Officer, Petty Officer Reynolds coordinated and deconflicted three major submarine repair activities.

Command Involvement - led religious ministry activities in the absence of the command chaplain; continuously sought out by peers and superiors throughout the command for his operational and customer oriented guidance.

Petty Officer Parker led his division towards a leading 88% Communications score during INSURV assessment. This, combined with his command-oriented contributions such as two years as MWR President and as a critical member of the Command Assessment Team, demonstrated ET2 Parker's sustained superior performance.

As Senior Enlisted Leader, his leadership led to a 100% improvement on career development boards. He wrote and implemented the Northeast region CPO 365 training program which resulted in over 5,000 hours of leadership training for 120 First Class Petty Officers.

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