Supply Rating Eval Examples


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-SME. As Hazardous Material Supervisor, he led five sailors in the management of over 1k line items enabling zero missed maintenance for 37 work centers bolstering USS FITZGERALD's operational milestones, while simultaneously keeping 100% accountability. Spearheaded the successful offload of 900lbs of hazardous waste. His exceptional program management directly contributed to a score of 80% during the 2024 Supply Management Certification T1 and the successful completion of FITZGERALD's TYCOM Sea Trials and Mariner Skills Week.
-DEDIDCATED MENTOR. Qualified 75 Sailors across five work centers on the proper handling, segregation, and stowage of HAZMAT in preparation for the 2024 READ-E6 inspection. As a member of the damage control training team, he trained 30 Sailors in Repair Locker 2 and played a vital role in the certification of MOB-D and 8010 drills. As an active FCPOA member, he assisted in two command events instantly boosting morale and esprit de corps.
-EXPERT MARINER. As a Master Helmsman, he expertly handled the ship through one Underway Replenishment and six Sea and Anchor detail evolutions with the highest standards of focus and professionalism. As a Deck Safety Officer, he oversaw two nighttime man overboard drills leading to FITZGERALD's MOB-S certification with zero mishaps.



- NATURAL LEADER. As Unaccompanied Housing LPO, he meticulously led and trained 18 staff in the superior management of habitability and upkeep maintenance for 1,200 residents in seven UH facilities. Oversaw the proper removal of all FFE in preparation of a building closure, the renovation of two laundry rooms, the replacement of four grills, and the installation of 88 stackable washer/dryers, improving resident quality of life and department efficiency. Spearheaded the planning and execution of two construction battalion turnovers and expedited the check-in/out processes for four operational and pre-commissioning units, enabling their 2,500 Sailors to prioritize mission readiness and execution.
- SAILOR ADVOCATE. Passionate about Sailor growth. Fostered team member development, resulting in two in-rate advancements, two JSOQs, 100% retention, and zero PFA failures.
- AGGRESSIVE INVOLVEMENT. As FCPOA Treasurer, tracked $3K in funding and spearheaded the coordination and execution of two successful events, increasing overall command morale and cohesion. Accommodated three successful NJROTC tours for 78 high school students, mentoring future leaders and showcasing the pride and professionalism of the Navy.


Petty Officer Yamas is a versatile professional who exhibits superb leadership and managerial skills. She embodies the tenants of ownership and team work daily and continues to produce impeccable results within her division and watch team.
-IMPACTFUL PERFORMANCE: expertly managed a $2.2 million fiscal year budget and supervised the management of a $30 million inventory, holding a solid 98.8% repair parts validity. Her strong character and unmatched attitude led her division to be the first east coast ssgn in five years to pass a Supply Management Inspection.

-MULTIFACETED LEADER. Provided direct oversight for the inventory of 2,300 repair parts valued at $1.6M ensuring a 100% accuracy rating in the Annual Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) inspection. He supervised 13 sailors on proper handling and control of 10 HAZWASTE offloads weighing over 2.6K pounds leading to outstanding results in a surprise San Diego county inspection. As the fraud, waste, and abuse controller orchestrated 7 DRMO turnover events recycling over $225K worth of operational equipment.
-SUPERLATIVE PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR. Meticulously managed a $127K TADTAR budget for the BMU-1 DTS program in support of 206 service members. He provided continuous guidance with all DTS-related issues and delivered command-wide training with 1 at the khaki level specifically. Furthermore, he executed 41 authorizations and vouchers to include all travel submissions for Balikatan 23 which alone incorporated 16 sailors valued at $66K.
-RESOURCEFUL LOGISTICIAN. Coordinated 9 Document Automation and Production Services (DAPS) assignments totaling $24K in support of command ceremonies, awards proceedings, and the retainment of specialized training guides. Additionally, he was instrumental in the organization and collaboration of SERVMART purchases estimating $56K that outfitted all divisions with authorized supply requirements needed at a moment's notice.

Mentored a new junior Integrated Product Team Lead (IPTL) through a fast-paced, high tempo program, ensuring that the program continues to meet key deadlines while they come up to speed. In this capacity, she assisted with the development of the Defense Exportability Features (DEF) Statement of Work (SOW) and Contract Data Requirements List (CDRLs), assisted in formulating the USAF Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) Full Rate Production (FRP) Lots 1-3 presented to the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) on 10 February 2022.

As Property Chief, successfully managed 3 accounts (ACE-MX0131, GCE-MX0132, LCE-MX0133) with a total of $113,913,355.10 worth of equipment, carefully making sure all equipment was accounted for by issuing CMRs (Consolidated Memorandum Receipt) to the RO (Responsible Officer) quarterly.

- COMMAND AND DECKPLATE LEADER. As Command Supply Manager, led and supported 12 depts and 3 tenant CMDs in the logistical operations and supply mgmt, resulted to 100 percent flawless execution of $2.lM OPTAR. As ACFL, led 72 FEP sessions and 21 PFAs for 144 personnel with a 98% pass-rate. As BEQ Mgr, managed and led 4 RAs in the maintenance and upkeep of 66 rooms that facilitated smooth transition and safety of 60 staff and transient personnel.

TEAM PLAYER- Volunteered for IA to USNS Burlington, LS1 served as ALPO leading 23 sailors in four departments to become fully operational military detachment, enhancing partner relationships while providing 12 tours to 266 foreign officials, embassy, and state department personnel.

Led the establishment of the ship's Supply Department onboard a pre-commissioning unit. He was directly responsible for ensuring 28 junior personnel were properly trained in preparation for crew move aboard and galley light-off.

As the Naval Warfare Publications Library (NWPL) Petty Officer, he was responsible for a total of 337 secret pieces of material. Twenty six of these materials were new and had to be meticulously processed in and 89 of them had to be properly destroyed or sent to NSA. He tediously managed the inventory of 6 DETs, which included the turn-over process of 108 secret items. He improved the NWPL pass down binder including step-by-step instructions on how to properly ship materials to the NSA. Due to this exceptional maintenance of inventory the NWPL program experienced zero security breaches.

SPOT-ON-ADMINISTRATOR! As a Recordskeeper, he attained 100% validity maintaining in excess $250k in receipts and expenditures, during the recent SMC; contributing to the Food Service Division achieving an overall Outstanding score of 97% and the ship receiving Supply/ Logistics Blue "E" Excellence Award.

FINANCIAL EXPERT - As the Financial Manager he ensured the ship's OPTAR valued at over $4 million dollars was properly executed in accordance with TYCOM directives. As the single Subject Matter Expert, he was instrumental to the flawless financial closeout of Fiscal Year 2011 while playing a vital role in supply's 1.4 Afloat Training Team inspections resulting in a passing grade of %85.

-DECK PLATE LEADER. Efficiently led a team of 11 Sailors in completing 13 ordnance/ LOGREQS supporting eight USNS, two USS and three USCG warships. Briefed 430 active/reservist personnel during 13 ship evolutions which resulted in 100% mishap free missions. His leadership and mentorship led one of his Sailors to be selected as JSOQ and another to BJOQ.
-COMMAND IMPACT. Hand Selected as the Command Duty Officer Coordinator, he coordinated and chaired 11 CDO qualifying boards resulting in two Officers, three Chiefs, and six FCPO achieving their qualifications increasing the command force protection watch standing flexibility.
-SELFLESS VOULUNTEER. As a member of Navy Ball Committee he has planned and organized 10 fundraisers and 2 burger burns raising $3,000 contributing $75,000 overall fundraising efforts for the 2016 New Jersey Navy Ball allowing junior Sailors to attend at no cost. Active member of FCPOA/CPO 365 volunteering for food bank of Monmouth County, adopt a highway, and events throughout the local area.


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